China police confirm 121 skulls with mysterious saw marks were human

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    BEIJING - Police have confirmed that 121 skulls with mysterious saw marks that were found in a ravine in northwest China belonged to humans, state press reported Wednesday.

    The skulls were found in plastic bags, along with fur and other bones, in a forested riverbank on Monday last week in Gansu province's Tianzhu Tibetan autonomous county, reports said.

    The skulls had their tops missing after being cut with a saw, Xinhua news agency quoted a Ministry of Public Security source as saying.

    Local police initially suspected the bones belonged to monkeys but DNA testing by police later confirmed they belonged to humans, the Beijing Youth Daily said.

    How and why the skulls came to be in the ravine remains a mystery.

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    How old were the skulls? Old or fairly recent. Perhaps this was some example of ancient rural brain surgery.

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