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    <!-- body content within gutter --> <!-- page title and top right promo --> Outrage over 'choke the chicken' toy

    THE RSPCA said it was outraged a toy dubbed "choke the chicken" being sold to young children that encourages them to squeeze the dancing chicken's neck until it flaps around.

    <!-- end page title and right promo --> <!-- floating lead items --> <!-- end floating lead items --> "What next? Burn a cat? Shoot a dog?," the RSPCA's Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said. "This so-called toy sends out completely the wrong message to children.

    "It's entirely possible that children of that age are likely to turn around and try the same thing on their pet bird or even the cat or dog.

    "Then they're going to wonder why the animal fights back."

    The toy is manufactured by a Taiwanese company, The Dahyang toy Industrial Company Limited, and is widely available in electrical stores across Australia and online through eBay.

    The wording on the side of the box said: "Grab and lift him up by the neck as he dances. "He will squawk and cluck like mad, flapping his wings and feet wildly as if he's gagging and choking.",10117,16961054-1702,00.html
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