Christine Narkiewicz testimony (crime scene forensics)

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    Christine Narkiewicz - LDB

    employed Crime scene w/OCSO - bachelor of Science - Forensic .....currently working on Masters University Cent. FL. - extensive training...additional 320 hours training crime scene ...employed March 2008 - employed just few months @ the time....YM requested evidence items.....LDB looking @ yellow envelope - wrong package handed to witness...LDB talking w/JB - witness took samples from KC - refer to her report arrived @ corrections facility 21:44 hrs obtain hair and buccol swabs - 2 swabs per container - kc open her mouth - witness aggressively swab inside cheek - sterile items sealed - shows jury example...she wore gloves and a mask when obtaining swabs......LDB shows 2 envelopes to witness...2 buccal swabs left cheek kc, CN opens the package - identify handwriting and seal....2 buccal swabs right cheek kc - opens this package and more identify....handwriting and seals confirmed....turned over to lead crime investigation Gerardo Beloise....sealed same date - 2nd look and confirmed same 7/21/08 date they were addition cheek swabs ..... requested to obtain hair standards from kc....fbi protocol - loose hair and pulled hair.....turn her head over and use fingers to shake hairs out onto paper ..... roll of brown paper supplied in their van....she also pulled hairs out herself.... envelope w/Cn's handwriting and recognizes packaging and seal and date....items inside - loose head hair standards from KC - sealed on 7/21/08 - turned over to lead investigator Gerardo Beloise - pulled hair hair.....responsible for pulling head hairs from the head - started w/disposable tweezers not working - used her hands ...gloved hands and still had mask on......another envelope - pulled head hairs from kc.... seals and handwriting and initials confirmed date - 7/21/08....turned over to lead investigator.....4 more envelopes....4 toothbrushes belonging to Caylee....7/28/08....1 brush belonging to Caylee...7/28/08, 1 comb belonging to Caylee....7/28/08....1 thermometer belonging to Caylee on 7/28/08 sealed.

    Recognize kc in courtroom - obtained hair samples and buccal swabs....subject to previous objections....entered

    JB - testified wore gloves when collecting dna sample - protect from cross contamination .....2ndary transfer - if CN had touched something w/dna and then touched evidence ....wore mask..reason no further dna on whatever sample collecting...while collecting dna don't even speak....try not to....don't want to cross contaminate evidence ........low copy dna - basic concepts not a dna analyst.....aware of touch dna...touch an item could potentially contain some dna - potentially.....packaging has procedures to preseve intrigty of the sample .....20 years later can go back and retest the sample....if there is enough to utilize - yes

    Witness excused

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