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Discussion in 'Sheri, Garrett and Gavin Coleman' started by SeriouslySearching, Jul 21, 2009.

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    Very sad; however, I don't think that Grandmom wrote her own death notice. They know that their son was found guilty of murdering his entire family. At the very least, if they thought that a bushy haired stranger murdered the family, they should still have the respect to mention them in this death notice.

    I wanted to add that it seems to me the entire motive for Chris to murder his family is that Joyce Meyer refused to employ divorced individuals or at least that is what I recall. So, Chris thought that it would be simpler to murder a wife and two children instead of find himself another job?? Makes no sense whatsoever to me.

    This monster chose to murder his entire family, not just to somehow stage an "accident" for his wife. He murders his own two children, too. It shows what type of monster this guy is. Right up there with Chris Watts.

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    ‘Yes, in part I think it was about the job. Maybe the biggest part.

    But I also think he grew up, worked and continued to live in a bubble that required him to be a ‘good boy.’ He needed to LOOK that way for acceptance, but really, he wanted the opposite.

    When he married, Sheri was “a worldly little girl”...great fun, and already pregnant. But, she soon converted to a very religious ‘good girl.’ In the book about the murder, he slams her in front of friends as ‘a holy roller!’

    Then, he meets Tara who. “changes his life”...he cheats everywhere with her...’we’re in Hawaii, being bad.” And he’s loving ‘being bad.’

    But he has to be GOOD, to keep his job and to keep Dad and Mom loving and approving of him...he wants to stay their golden boy. He’s going to Christian marriage counseling by day...having phone sex with his girlfriend in the basement at night while his kids and wife sleep upstairs.

    Only one way be the sad holy widower, taking refuge on his faith and free to marry the hot girlfriend.
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