Chuck E. Cheese accosted by angry mom

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    MACON, Ga. - A teenager dressed as pizza mascot Chuck E. Cheese was pelted with pizza and threatened with a beating by an angry parent who said the mascot wasn't paying enough attention to her child.

    Macon police reported that the 17-year-old female employee was dressed as the character - a gray cartoon-like rodent with large front teeth - when a 31-year-old Macon woman threw a piece of pizza at her Sunday afternoon.

    The report stated that the mother then threatened to "whip" the girl when she changed out of costume.
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    You mean "whup"?

    Who were the adults in this situation?
    A. The mother
    B. The mother and the employee( c. e. cheese)
    C. The employee
    D. The employee and the child

    suggested answer: D the employee and the child were more behaviorally advanced than the mother.

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