Church group launches nude 'Bible Scene' calendar

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    A German church group has caused controversy by releasing a calendar using nude models to portray bible scenes

    The calendar, on sale for £8 in the Katzwanger church in Nuremburg, contains photos such as a naked Eve holding an apple between her breasts for Adam. Another month shows a topless Delilah cutting the hair of a sleeping Sampson.

    Other pictures portray the baptism of Jesus, Lot's daughters, the dance of Salome and the sacrifice of Isaac - many involving nudity.

    Stefan Wiest, 32, spokesman for the Katzwang Evangelical Youth group, said: "We wanted to bring old religious paintings to today's people by translating them in a contemporary context.

    "We did not intend to cause any provocation and have received more positive responses that negative."

    Mr Wiest added that most of the criticism has come from the USA but said it has not slowed sales since the release: "Our first 200 have already sold out and we are printing another 300 today to meet demand."

    Dont click here unless you want to see a topless Eve & Delilah
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