"clever killer",games and little clues

Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by madeleine, Mar 7, 2013.

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    it's almost like JR ADMIRES the killer for being so smart and leaving so-called clues and puzzles......

    :banghead:trying to understand...what exactly does he want.....people to figure it out?is he proud that nobody did it so far??

    first I will try to identify what are the things he considers funny little clues that where left by the smart killers.....

    more to come

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    They left us a piece of evidence. They were

    12 clever enough not to leave much else, apparently.

    13 I think it's say somebody that's very sick, thinks

    14 they're very clever, is playing games. You know,

    15 we heard about the two Bible verses, Psalms, that

    16 were circled in some book. I don't know, some

    17 book or not. I was not told that directly. We

    18 heard it through the backdoor.

    19 LOU SMIT: You didn't circle Bible passages?

    20 JOHN RAMSEY: (INAUDIBLE). They were leaving

    21 little clues to analyze this.

    9 JOHN RAMSEY: But I don't think she would

    10 have drawn a heart on her hand. The trouble with

    11 that piece of information, which is very bizarre.

    12 Something is amiss there.

    13 LOU SMIT: Okay. So we can investigate

    14 that

    15 there.


    17 JOHN RAMSEY: The person who did this

    18 obviously (INAUDIBLE) clues to tantalize us. And

    19 that's just another one (INAUDIBLE).

    13 LOU SMIT: And he would have had to move

    14 it back, if he was in there trying to get out, is

    15 that correct?

    16 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah.

    17 LOU SMIT: So that's not very logical as

    18 far as --

    19 JOHN RAMSEY: I think it is. I mean if this

    20 person is that bizarrely clever to have not left

    21 any good evidence, but left all these little funny

    22 little clues around
    , they certain are clever

    23 enough to pull the chair back when they left.

    1 JOHN RAMSEY: I feel like we've exhausted

    2 almost everything that we can do. I have racked my

    3 brain everyday as to who could have possibly have

    4 done this. What does the note mean, what does SBTC

    5 mean. All these little clues that were left for

    6 us.

    7 I think there is a -- I don't want to comment on

    8 that. I don't know how that is, because I don't

    9 know.

    23 JOHN RAMSEY: Well that's evidence that I

    24 didn't write it; Patsy didn't write it. The

    25 handwriting experts have said Patsy or I didn't


    1 write it. Our guys have said on a scale of one to

    2 five, Patsy is 4.5 five against not writing it.

    3 I think that whoever did this is very, very insane

    4 and clever. Because it looks different as well as

    5 some other stuff we've seen. So I think they were

    6 teasing us.

    7 MIKE KANE: By leaving the (INAUDIBLE)?

    8 JOHN RAMSEY: Just like these all these

    9 other little clues you see being left around?

    10 MIKE KANE: Teasing you or teasing the police?

    11 JOHN RAMSEY: Teasing all of us.

    12 MIKE KANE: What I'm thinking about teasing,

    13 do you think that there's anything in there that's

    14 trying purposely (INAUDIBLE) say a diversion to

    15 fool the police or to fool you?

    16 JOHN RAMSEY: Well it certainly bought

    17 some time. I think everybody assumed JonBenet was

    18 not in the house.
    Maybe it was an attempt to get

    19 money. I don't know. I could have been attempt to

    20 get money. I don't know. I could have been a

    21 legitimate attempt to get money. But maybe because

    22 of the police activity or whatever, they didn't

    23 follow through at that end. I don't know.

    24 JOHN RAMSEY: No. The thought

    25 crossed my mind, but I think -- no, I don't


    1 think that's the -- I didn't give him credit

    2 for being that clever.

    3 MIKE KANE: Why not?

    4 JOHN RAMSEY: Because I think

    5 they have left too many clues. They left a

    6 ransom note. They left this newspaper with, you

    7 know, this bizarre thing you showed me today.

    8 MIKE KANE: But some of these clues

    9 now the public has taken and made judgments.

    10 JOHN RAMSEY: I can't --

    11 MIKE KANE: No, but I mean in the

    12 context of someone trying to frame you?

    13 JOHN RAMSEY: I think it's too

    14 much of a stretch. I mean what -- if I were

    15 going to do that, I wouldn't have handwritten

    16 the note.
    I would have typed it out or you

    17 know, I mean, if they are really that clever to

    18 have done something like this, to not only hurt

    19 JonBenet, hurt us but to frame us as the

    20 murderers, I think if you give them credit for

    21 being that clever, they would have done some

    22 other things that would have supported that kind

    23 of theory more.

    24 MIKE KANE: What kind of things

    25 come to mind?


    1 JOHN RAMSEY: Like I think I

    2 wouldn't have handwritten the note. I would

    3 have done it on a word processor or on a --

    4 maybe I wouldn't have left a note at all.

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    were these little clues he's so proud of left on purpose?why?to play games with police (who's smarter?)

    the more you analyze all of this (his own words) the sicker it gets....brrrr
  4. madeleine

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    can someone PLS remind me which Psalms were circled?


    LOU SMIT: OK What I have here is a photograph here that's labeled 23-12, and this, for the camera, is a photograph of an entrepreneurial magazine, and it was found at the scene. And it's something that kind of caught our attention from the standpoint that there is writing on this. And take a look at that.
    JOHN RAMSEY: (WHISTLE). That's weird.

    LOU SMIT: Why do you say that, John?

    JOHN RAMSEY: Well, it's got Red ink. It's got "no, no, no" written on the three faces, one of whom is the guy from Corporate Express, I think. The other 2 I don't know. What does it say? "Heart" "Two Hearts." Where was this found?

    LOU SMIT: It was found in the house. I'm not sure of the exact location. It's a piece of evidence that was taken that morning. You ever seen that before?

    JOHN RAMSEY: No. Absolutely not.

    DAVID WILLIAMS: I'm sorry, I misunderstood. Did you say it was found in the house?

    LOU SMIT: In the Ramsey's house.


    LOU SMIT: What do you see in that picture, John, that seems like it ... have you ever seen that article before?

    JOHN RAMSEY: No. I don't think I ever have.

    LOU SMIT: Can you describe the writing on it?

    JOHN RAMSEY: It looks....

    LOU SMIT: I can get a bigger copy of that, may be available.

    JOHN RAMSEY: It's just weird.

    LOU SMIT: It was in a folder of some kind.

    JOHN RAMSEY: Well, I don't know. I mean, we... I didn't, I'm not. This was a very nice event and a nice award but it wasn't a big deal for me. I don't even know if we saved any of this stuff. It was a nice thing. But it wasn't.... that is bizarre.

    LOU SMIT: It just shows a heart ...

    JOHN RAMSEY: I can't quite figure out what that is across the face.

    BRYAN MORGAN : You should (mumble) identify any one of those as your picture, is that correct?

    JOHN RAMSEY: Well I think that's my picture, but I can't...

    LOU SMIT: But it's written on your picture, is that correct?

    JOHN RAMSEY: Well, yeah, it looks like it's my picture.

    LOU SMIT: Could Patsy or JonBenét would have written that?

    JOHN RAMSEY: No. Absolutely not.. That is very strange.

    JOHN RAMSEY: Do you know where that was found in the house?

    LOU SMIT: I will find that out specifically. It's just piece of evidence was found and taken in

    JOHN RAMSEY: Well, that is very bizarre


    did the cops ever try to find out whether the ink found on the paper MATCHED the one found in JB's hand??
  5. madeleine

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    heart around his head....heart in JB's palm....hmmm....if you ask ME what this little clue is telling......

    what I find weird is that he says no,JB wouldn't have done it,nor PR....why.....they loved him,what's the problem in expressing it ?bizarre
  6. Nom de plume

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    I think JR admires HIMSELF! He thinks he's so clever because he's gotten away with it all these years. He's so arrogant he thinks he's smarter than everyone else and no one will ever figure it out.
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    Line 13, creates a hypothetical situation - often done when trying not to disclose truth.

    JR's use of descriptives: sexual in nature??

    Other Orange sections: The Plan didn't work because of police interference. Then, most telling of all, we are supposed to look far away from him, because that is not at all the way he would have done it.

    Notice also, the use of "hurt JonBenet", not KILL JonBenet, which is what actually happened. Distancing. And the use of 'hurt' with regard to her, is also used as 'hurt' in framing them. Equalizing the damages. Seeking to victimize them and lesson the damage to JonBenet. :furious:

    Interesting that he also includes "using a word processor". Haven't we wondered before if the font for the note might have been suggested by a computer??

    Last line: 'maybe' no note. Yep, that's what a sexual predator would have done. Do you wonder if the thought could have ever crossed his mind - especially with the little "heart" drawn in JB's palm, and the "heart" drawn over his face in the magazine? Such a clever pedophile intruder to decide to write a fake kidnapping note after all! :moo:
  8. madeleine

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    of course he wouldn't handwrite it ,he isn't stupid,that's why he probably (and I say probably cause I am not 100% convinced it was her who wrote it) somehow tricked her into writing it...

    it's very interesting how they suddenly decided to disregard the RN even if one of the best profilers out there told them it was about revenge and they seemed so glad that the killer left a piece of evidence.LS was very helpful.I guess they all realized what a stupid mistake it was (RN)...and tried to redirect attention to "it was a sick puppy".(which again means distance JR from it)....

    I was watching a video about a 30years old cold case...it was dead cold,most of the evidence was even thrown away by a stupid officer....and there was this detective from a cold case unit who went through all the archives and documents cause he felt the killer is still out there (the cops suspected the wrong guy for 30 years)...and based on contradicting statements and timelines he managed to re-open the case....he went and interviewed (PUSHED ;) ) the real killer and he didn't deny it....amazing....all it takes is a bit of effort if you really wanna do it!

    I really hope one day someone out there does it for JB
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    And I say, IF, also madeleine. I can allow for JR writing the note, because it was his own hired handwriting expert that excluded him from writing it. Everyone says the note was written in an 'attempt to disguise' the writer, yet those who think Patsy wrote it, cite so many similarities to her handwriting and linguistic style. If the author was attempting to disguise, and it was Patsy, why would it still be so obvious?

    If he acted alone in killing JB because it looked like she was going to expose him, it might have started out being reactionary on his part that night, but I believe he was already very worried he might not be able to keep her stifled very much longer.

    IF Patsy wrote the note (which I must allow for, because of the conclusions, even though not scientific, of some credible document examiners), I do believe JR could have "tricked" Patsy. All he would have had to do is tell her he had heard JB and Burke arguing (the pineapple establishes they may have shared an 'after bedtime' snack) and went down to break up an argument between them.

    This might have accounted for the 'train track' abrasions on JB's body, and it actually could have been a scenario of truth. He might have sent Burke off to bed, but decided he should show JB some 'extra attention', which culminated in JR bashing her. If Burke happened to come upon any of the scene, because he heard something, but JR didn't notice him, it also might have accounted for Burke's statements.

    Burke might have then dashed to find his mother, perhaps where she had fallen asleep while continuing to make trip preparations, and sent her running to the scene, where JR would have once again ordered Burke back to bed. He then only had to convince Patsy that Burke had bashed JB in a fight. Would that have been impossible for Patsy to believe? She probably was already aware that Burke was messing with JB sexually - maybe even other kids. The party on the 23rd probably sealed that.

    She might have cradled JB in her arms, even leaving the bruise on her cheek from her ring prongs. With JB appearing dead, Patsy would have been putty in JR's hands about staging the horrible crime from there on out. There would have been no way Patsy would have wanted to lose Burke, especially with him being "off", as he was suspected to have been.
    Anything JR would have said or done to convince Patsy they had to keep all their family secrets about the kids' behavior, and what then happened that night would have made sense to Patsy, and could have accounted for her behavior from there on out.

    I will add that if Patsy thought Burke had killed JB that night, I think she could have come to realize, in the months following the death, that JR was the real perpetrator. She would have continued to go along with his story fearing for her own life and Burke's if she ever would have willfully divulged the truth - in light of the fact that she could have believed he killed JB to save his own hide.

    All :moo:, of course.

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