Closing Arguments- Chase Merritt Charged W/Murder of Joseph, Summer, Gianni and Joe Jr McStay #3

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Jan 27, 2015
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IMO it was part of the trigger but there’s more .

Chase had an active warrant out. What are the odds Joey ,or Summer via Joey , threatened bringing in LE upon discovering charles merritt received funds from EIP’s acct that Joey had not given him. Final straw for Joey?

Supposedly they were getting some big orders with the potential from 10’s of thousands to millions. At the same time Joey is distancing himself & these desls from charles merritt. Think Chase might be getting angry?

After the disappearance, Chase had nothing good to say about Summer McStay . Summer didn’t like Chase & was not quiet about it . Blow to the jaw was probably part of the rage Chase had built up , blaming Summer for turning Joey against him, stories he tells himself in his warped brain.

He even seemed to dislike the two boys . He thought they were spoiled brats.

So it wasn’t over just $30,000 in my view . It was about more possible jail time , losing part of the profits from a million+ dollar job and any future jobs.

All , JMHO
Agree, and also the email from Joey to CM that he owed Joey around $43,000 just prior to the murders. I think that factored in as well IMO.


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Oct 11, 2010
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There's just no reason the kid couldn't have at least waited in the hall.

I would just hope any kid in this situation had a family friend (or someone safe) stay with them at home. I really think it's too much for a kid. They may be okay now but who's to say it isn't traumatic in 10 years? I'm just a firm believer in protecting kids.


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Dec 5, 2008
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I was wondering about that too. Maybe the boy insisted on being there for his Dad. Or maybe Cathy Jarvis truly believed Chase would be set free today.

It’s called being the parent & making good decisions , especially when the child insists.

I said earlier that CM’s kids are also his victims . CJ is his enabler. Allowing that boy to be exposed to what he saw & heard today is horrible. He can’t unsee or unhear any of it. .
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