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Did JA get shocked w/ her shock belt? Because that is the ONLY reason she should be crying.
I just got this overwhelming feeling like Travis is talking through JM. It's surreal and amazing. I don't think I'll be watching the DT closing, I want to remember this and only this. It's so sad, but so beauitful.
He's hitting the blood spatter evidence at the sink! You go, Juan! I was hoping he'd go through that.
Jodi's fake crying while taking peeks at the crime scene photos really infuriates me. She is so evil.
she cant even LOOK at what SHE freaking did! boohoo for you murderess!

I am sincerely sorry for his family, Sam and Tanisha break my heart :( love and prayers
Big time crocodile tears for JA. Spare me will ya, you were just laughing.
I admire JM for using a tender voice while describing the injuries Travis suffered
Travis's dignity lives on in his beautiful family....
always and forever.....
She is stabbing him in the back!!!!

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JW just shook her head, rolled her eyes and started writing. It was subtle but there.
smudge- Travis falling

Stupid's still crying

Juan showing exactly how TA is dying- step by step
TA standing at sink and bleeding
JW shaking her head "no." Really? How do you know? What about the fog?
For you to believe the shot was first you have to put aside everything she's told you - all her lies - and then you have to say even though she's lied, even to us, we're going to believe her on that one particular aspect. And so she had a knife, and she took that knife, and we know that because Mr. Alexander had defensive wounds. Unfortunately for Mr. Alexander one of the knife wounds is to the heart. It doesn't mean he dies right away but he will die so in a sense she has already killed him. We know he got up at some point because of the blood all over the scale, floor...purposeful movement on his part to attempt to save his life. Again, premeditation doesn't take days, or a plan, it just takes time. After one stab wound, it could just be that. After he's stabbed he ambulates, and we know she doesn't carry him over to the sink, the reason we know that is because of the patterns we have on this photograph. One of the patterns shows a smudge consistent with the defensive wounds on one of his hands. He's still alive but he's bleeding.

Got home from work 20 minutes ago..............GO MR. MARTINEZ!!

Cannot wait to hear the beginning at some point!!!!!!
It always looks to me like she is smiling under that hand, while she fake cries and steals looks at the pictures. She is evil, Travis had that absolutely right. She makes me sick. moo
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