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the defense team after this. I just can't. I refuse to listen to them kill him again.

Did JM talk about the pedo stuff?
Juan don't forget how she left him nude and splayed for those who found him to see!!

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I want a split screen of the defendant fake crying, against the visceral and heart-wrenching truth of Travis's family's grief. "One of these things is NOT like the other."

Camera guy is listening again.
Wouldn't the shower have been running throughout the whole murder? So she had to have turned it off after everything was done. Explains why there was so much water on the floor IMO.
i wonder what her family is thinking during this closing argument,, do you think her brother, sister, mom, aunt, dad are telling themselves no, JM got it all wrong, Travis was abusing her & she was forced to kill him? I don't know how her family members can watch this and not make sense of it, then again, i watch so many crime shows and the family usually are in denial. there always is a supporter.
If I were Nurmi I would just stand up and say "I can't follow that. The defense passes." JM is amazing.
Takes another look at evidence pic .. squeezes her face up .. cleaned it .. stuck it in her purse .. what was she thinking? She was thinking of staging the scene ..
the defense team after this. I just can't. I refuse to listen to them kill him again.

Did JM talk about the pedo stuff?

He has not mentioned it yet that I know of. I also will not be listening to the DT after this; I'm right there with ya!
I think JW may have pulled an all-nighter...I've seen her yawn tons in the last few minutes
I think with all the notes JW is taking, she is probably the one doing the defense teams closing argument. Definitely not looking forward to that.:banghead:
....Stand up...confess...tell the truth!!!! You spineless, evil , sociopath....!!!!!!!!
Hey Wilmcott, you want to copy Juan so much. Lets see you try your closing without notes.

This guy is Travis hero. I love him and Im not gay.
Clean hands on the Clorox bottle. Oh, I totally missed that...
Juan is so logical in the telling of "the story"
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