Found Deceased CO - Gannon Stauch, 11, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, 27 Jan 2020 #27 **ARREST**

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I always read but rarely post. But this case is so awful. I think it is worse because not only do I have an eleven year old son, but there are videos of Gannon in his last hours. Hearing him cry. Seeing him leave with her and not return. I can't understand why this had to happen in her mind (so much like the Kyron Horman case). She looks truly evil in the video today. She looks the part of the evil murderer she is.
Come on, people. Who is the source of the info that she has been denied a lawyer? It’s LS, right? And do we believe LS accurately reports the truth at this point.

I’m the first person in line to stand up for a person’s Constitutional rights. But let’s not be manipulated in the exact way she hopes we will be.
She didn't say she had been denied a lawyer. She said someone was going to help her get one and they haven't.
Wow. At the tail end of the hearing, when TS was leaving the hearing scene she pulled at her hair to make sure it was straight and hanging down in front of her shoulder as she flashed a brief smile at whomever or whatever she was looking.

Attention-seeking and a disdainful attitude toward authority.

LS portrays disconnects between moments in her life.

I hope the trial doesn't end up with "mental health" being a main focus.
That's been my concern for a while.
I can’t answer all your questions, but I can tell you this, the studies are a beginning. I know that the books I have read in this subject gave me the ability to cast my sibling out of my family life. We have just begun to attempt to explain these personalities, and may simply be at that stage, keep them away from your loved ones. Hopefully we are moving into the public awareness phase, but the Hollywood versions are misleading. Also we have respected the privacy of some allowing some to get away w/ the precursors to earlier detection, bigger issue is whether their pathological behavior actually becomes a defense...
Be vigilant about your loved ones, be unafraid to step up....As I said early on, it would have actually better if Gannon had been taken by a watchful person, not advocating kidnapping, but the only thing I personally can do is be watchful for my loved ones... I am too old to start new career, and I am not as often around children, perhaps I can just start snapping covert px of parents behaving outrageously in public, that wouldn’t have changed things, would it?

I want to attempt to understand how a sick mind progresses toward that final terror. There must be something common to key on, demonstrative from that scene that if known previously could have been used to intervene or prevent what eventually came to a head in those last days. I expect the details would be specific to the context but I'd bet there would be something that those who lived with her knew about her but didn't have enough information to piece it all together that would cause a realization that such a personality could be triggered in to committing murder.

I know there have been studies, ad nauseam, on this topic but something must be missing because it seems we're no closer to identifying when a pinnacle approaches, how to defuse it and how to ensure it never reoccurs. At the moment, we can only wait for the result and then punish the behavior.

The Stauch family has a long road ahead of them. The person who eventually loses the most? Gannon's little sister; being old enough to understand while being so young that she has to live with not knowing how the relationship of brother-sister blossoms over the years, matures in to adulthood and how that enriches all who wouldAs wicked as that entire scene must have been, I want to know it. I want to know exactly what transpired, and most notably, WHY.
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I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself this morning, and I regret yesterday's posts about the mugshot. I'm old enough to know better, and I stooped to a level that surprised myself.

I do think I wouldn't have gone down that path if LS weren't so obviously posing in many of her pictures, placing herself front and center, etc. I think many of us were itching to knock her down a peg or two.

Anyway, I apologize for not being more mature in those moments.

I really just want comfort for Gannon's family and I know it's not possible and the heartache leaves me feeling helpless. I think that brings out a lot of the primitive / immature feelings. It's akin to the mama bear instinct.

All my prayers for Al, Landen and sweet baby sisters. ❤
@RaspberryMama, you were not alone in stooping, as I was right there along with you. I suggest that we offer ourselves and others compassion and understanding.
"Sometimes there is just not enough rocks." ~ Forest Gump
It's hitting me hard today. She is cunning.... from the moment of Whatever Happened Sunday Night, TS was busy planning. The Sunday night car jockeying, caught on camera. I suspect that, by the time she picked up AS at the airport she was running on adrenaline and likely about 48 hours without sleep. Covering up.

Moves and countermoves.

JMO but I think we're going to learn that LE found WHERE our hero died but he was missing from that location. Hence the rental. Hence the mileage. 450 miles out, 450 miles back. Totally doable in the hours allotted.

I fear that we will find that he was left to die, tethered. She may have planned all along to return to remove the tethers. Instant runaway, succumbed to the elements. She was counting her apologies....

Her defiance in court this morning, wow. Ugly wow. Friend's fault she has no attorney and she's going to be the first to bark about her "continuously constitution rights violated" (or somesuch garble of grammar, hers not mine).

She is a head case and a case study.

She didn't say she had been denied a lawyer. She said someone was going to help her get one and they haven't.
She said that earlier to the reporter too, that she was denied a lawyer. Here she similarly said “I have been asking for one and haven’t got one all along” or something close to that.
Because her friend Laura didn't get her one? Is that what I heard her say?
See how it’s Laura’s fault? This is where she lives in her head 24/7. It’s someone else’s fault that she’s in the position she’s in. It’s Gannon’s fault that he’s missing.

Betting Laura, whoever she is, is running wildly in another direction.
She asked for a lawyer in the very beginning. Shes had plenty of time to get one, damn well knowing what she did. If she really felt her rights were being violated etc etc, (insert word salad) wonder why she never got one. Imo No lawyer wants to touch that with a 100 ft pole. She probably cant afford one and will use a public defender.
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