Found Deceased CO - Gannon Stauch, 11, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, 27 Jan 2020 **ARREST** #38

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  1. inmyhumbleopinion

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    Just heard the news and came here.

    I feel like I am going to throw up.

    Glad that he has been found, however

    Many hugs to Al and Landen. I am so very sorry.

  2. Blissfully_B

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    Me either! Not one of my theories have gone in this direction.
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  3. fantascination

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    Holy cow, the picture in that article. Was he seriously found that close to the road? That seems like a very small margin. He may have been hidden on other side, but still. Jesus.

    ETA: This article says he was discovered by a road construction worker, so I seriously doubt anybody talked. Sounds more like he was stumbled upon.
  4. SleuthBee

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    @Feistyomi Despite the missing pieces, your puzzle shows a likely picture.

    Regarding the Apple Watch, our forum member @gatorage offered valuable info that I hope she did not grasp.
    CO - CO - Gannon Stauch, 11, Colorado Springs, Lorson Ranch, El Paso County, 27 Jan 2020 *endangered* #21
    CO - CO - Gannon Stauch, 11, Colorado Springs, Lorson Ranch, El Paso County, 27 Jan 2020 *endangered* #21

    You mention a sign post. From a distance it does resemble a 2x4, and that could be what stuck in TS's mind. She claimed that AS questioned her about a 2x4, but that doesn't make it true. Her and HH left the house the day AS came home. Something must have happened, so I don't think her and AS were on good speaking terms. And there is no way he would compromise the investigation.

    With or without TS's realization of the Apple watch tracking capabilities, you have a pretty good theory.

    The Locard's principle is interesting too ;)
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  5. Blissfully_B

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    Do we know when she booked it to SC?
  6. margarita25

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    What is her connection to this area if any? Asking in terms of potential awareness space factors as related to disposal, tia.

    I’m also not used to seeing women driving long distances in disposals MOO. I’m sure there are some.


    (Ps this is my first non-coronavirus related post since January. Feels odd...)
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  7. Coloradomomandgrandma

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    She just dumped him off the side of the highway. I figured that is exactly what she did, but never imagined it would have been in Florida!!!
  8. zencompass

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    Dear @inmyhumbleopinion,

    I came here as well as soon as I read this.




    Human remains found in Florida tentatively identified as Gannon Stauch: There is a gag order in effect for this case so we cannot go into any details.

    EPCSheriff (@EPCSheriff) | Twitter
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  9. Sleuths4Me

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  10. Bosslady1004

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    I feel like he was alive...I can't imagine her keeping him somewhere risking cadaver dogs searching. Idk.

    This is making my head spin.
  11. oviedo

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    I need to add recent news

    View attachment 230746
    GS- missing child
    AS - Dad
    LS a/k/a TS - stepmom
    RD- neighbor with video showing LS and GS leaving house in red truck

    Video of Gannon

    Monday, Jan. 27
    El Paso County Sheriff's Office asking for help finding missing 11-year-old boy
    GS of Colorado Springs left home on foot around 3:15 p.m. to go play at a friend's house, his parents say, but never came home. GS was wearing a blue hoodie, blue jeans and tennis shoes when he went missing. He has brown hair with brown eyes and weighs 90 pounds.
    - 6:55 p.m., El Paso County Sheriff's Office dispatch receives call of runaway child, 6600 Block Mandan Drive.

    Re: TS making the first 911 call:

    During the press conference on Tuesday [February 4th] , Sergeant Deborah Mynatt, answering a question from a reporter, “Are you still saying that [Gannon] went missing between 3 and 4 o’clock [on Monday, January 27th],” stated, “That was the only information related to us, and therefore, the first day that the reporting party called in, that was indicated to us. That was the bit of information we had to work with, there were some other factors and information obtained during that call. We type-coded him as a runaway because of information we received.”

    Immediately following this exchange (it starts at around 12:40), another reporter asks, “And that was reported by the stepmother, correct?,” to which Sergeant Mynatt answers, “Yes.

    - 7:32 p.m., GS entered into state and national databases as active runaway
    - Last seen between 3 and 4 p.m. on the 27th
    - Nothing found on initial search
    Sheriff appeals for help finding Colorado Springs boy, 11, missing since Monday
    Mynatt said GS did not attend school Monday, but offered no explanation.
    First missing flyer (source?) says a google search was made from GS phone - “can my parents find me if my phone is off” and says he was “sick”

    ( also, neighbor called at 8:53 (need link)
    Police arrived and looked in backyard with flashlights - A little after 10 p.m. on Tuesdaythe El Paso County Sheriff's Office showed up at Gannon's home. Law enforcement walked up to the home and appeared to be searching in the backyard with flashlights. The garage door was opened and a car was pulled out. We are waiting for an update from the sheriff's office on why law enforcement was there.
    Search continues for missing 11-year-old boy
    KRDO NewsChannel 13 /
    Dad (AS) finds out he is missing. "We kind of do the street light rule - when the street lights come on or it gets dark, they better be home and it was like maybe 30 minutes past that...started to worry at that point. Then I started texting all
    the friends that we know he goes to and nobody had seen him," AS said.
    He said GS didn't let them know what friend's house he was going to in the neighborhood and that this was "unlike him so that's why we're obviously really concerned."
    Eventually, the police were called.
    "Once we went through that whole checklist it's like, you know, where could he be?" AS said.
    El Paso County Sheriff's Office searching for missing 11-year-old boy

    Authorities continue search for missing boy near Fountain - KRDO
    Also on Thursday, a Sheriff's Office patrol car with two deputies was parked for an extended period of time across the street from the Stauch family home, and two other men appearing to be law enforcement officers sat in an unmarked car down the street.
    However, the officers left the scene after two men and a woman got into a pickup truck parked in the driveway, and drove away.
    Many people on social media are wondering why more information about Gannon isn't available. As KRDO NewsChannel 13 reported Wednesday, it is the policy of the Sheriff's Office to investigate reports of missing children aged 10 and older as runaways, until evidence is found to prove an abduction or kidnapping has taken place.

    Map of the area where Gannon was last seen.
    View larger map

    11 year old missing from Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Note- GS was not seen at Kum & Go convenience:
    At one point, deputies thought GS had stopped by the Kum & Go convenience store on Mesa Ridge Parkway Monday night, but after the mother reviewed the surveillance, she confirmed it was not her son.
    The sheriff's office says they have information that leads them to believe Gannon ran away. They did not elaborate further. 11 News asked EPSO Wednesday if GS is still considered a runaway and was told he is. Law enforcement and family are concerned about GS's wellbeing and are anxious to find him. GS's father is a member of the National Guard, and the Guard is also assisting with search efforts.
    MISSING: 11-year-old Colorado boy not seen for 48 hours, prayer gathering Wednesday night
    Tuesday, Jan. 28
    - 12:29 p.m., case turned over to EPSO investigators
    - Detectives conduct interviews, collect surveillance, follow up on additional leads
    (Dad arrives home from out of town and GS's mother also flies in from her home Search for missing Colorado Springs boy gets GS's mother arrived in Colorado Springs late Tuesday and spent the night talking to law enforcement, Birkenstock said.
    "She doesn't have very much, just what she's been told, that no one has seen GS since Monday," Birkenstock said.
    She characterized GS as "a very loving child. Disappearing is totally out of his character; he always has to be with somebody. He's very quiet, very smart."
    GS's mother, who lives in South Carolina, and father, who was away for military training at the time of his disappearance, share custody, she said.
    Information received during an interview with GS's stepmother and other information lead deputies to believe he's a runaway instead of a missing person, Mynatt said Tuesday, adding that foul play is not suspected.
    That's it for Tuesday

    Wednesday, Jan. 29

    Search continues for missing 11-year-old boy in El Paso County - News report
    Search for missing Colorado Springs boy gets help from out-of-state family - great aunt flies into town
    Search continues for missing 11-year-old boy in El Paso County
    Jessica Barreto on Twitter
    Sheriff's Office actively looking for 11-year-old Gannon Stauch, missing over 48 hours - KRDO
    Vigil - Vigil to be held Wendnesday night for missing Colorado Springs boy
    - Investigation continues - crime lab at the house Law enforcement asks for public's assistance in locating missing Colorado Springs boy
    "We covered a ten-mile radius around his home," says Sara Robertson, an organizer of the search effort. "He left his phone at home, so he can't call anyone. He could be cold, hurt or lost. Some of these volunteers took off from work to be here. We just felt that we needed to do something."
    A small group of volunteers searched an open area dotted with homeless camps near the intersection of Platte Avenue and Wooten Road in east Colorado Springs, around 10 miles from the main search area. No specific reason was given for that search.
    Prayer vigil held for missing 11-year-old in El Paso County - KRDO
    Search goes on for missing boy in El Paso County, community holds vigil
    Gannon Stauch now considered missing and endangered
    The school district told the Colorado Springs Gazette Gannon was absent on Monday. They said counselors would be available at the school.
    Police also addressed a rumor that GS’S stepmother, LS, was not fully cooperative with law enforcement. “At this point in time we are conducting multiple interviews and what I can tell you is that each leade we have had is exhausted,” Mihalko said..
    He said they are looking at persons of interest, but only meaning that they are people that could give them additional information about GS.
    As of Thursday, he has devoted hours to the search and has covered nearly 50 miles with his drone.“The biggest thing is having other people look at the video, and they tell me to look at a certain time,” Wilson said.
    The community not giving up hope in finding missing 11-year-old

    Thursday, Jan. 30
    - Upgrade case from runaway to endangered missing child
    - EPSO requests resources from NCMEC and FBI Crimes Abduction Rapid Deployment Team
    FBI now involved in ongoing search for missing 11-year-old Colorado Springs boy
    Searching southeastern Colorado Springs: Mother of missing Colorado Springs boy pleads for him to come home
    Mynatt said Tuesday that investigators were looking at every part of the timeline step by step.
    Family does a plea on tv -
    Parents of missing 11-year-old Gannon Stauch plead for public's help in finding son
    Press conference
    Link to Thurs., Jan. 30th press conference:

    FBI now involved in search for missing 11-year-old Gannon Stauch
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now involved in the ongoing search for a missing/endangered 11-year-oldColorado Springs boy who went missing Monday afternoon, and the task force investigating his disappearance is organizing a team of volunteers to start searching for him.
    The search for GS remains an active investigation and the Sheriff's Office said deputies are following up on all potential leads that might help them to find the boy, including continued witness interviews and evidence collection.
    Deputies said they have received multiple tips since GS was reported missing. Deputies also said while they are monitoring social media, they are not using it for tips.
    At Thursday’s press conference deputies said repeatedly that the main focus of the investigation at this time is to find GS. They also said that while they have been in contact with local trash companies and landfills, there are no searches taking place at those locations at this time.
    Authorities say Gannon Stauch 'missing and endangered' after days gone - KRDO
    But investigators said they had checked home security cameras in the neighborhood and had not identified images of GS on any of them. Also on Thursday, several people searched through and around a vacant house on Fountain Mesa Road, in case GS was hiding there. No one was found.

    Friday - January 31
    VIDEO: Stepmom of missing Colorado boy speaks out
    LS/TS stood with her back to the camera while she was speaking with CBS 11 on Friday afternoon, in connection with her missing stepson, GS. She was insistent that she would never harm the child, who vanished while under her care.
    LS/TS explained that on Sunday, she took GS and his younger sister hiking at the Garden of the Gods Park. Afterward, they stopped by to eat at Burger King, she said. GS reportedly did not attend school the following day.
    Reportedly, LS/TS did not know which friend’s house the boy went to on Monday, according to AS, who said his wife told him that GS didn’t specify which friend he wanted to visit, NBC 5 reports. The stepmother said she couldn’t comment on the details of the case at this time.
    “My husband’s ex-wife is living in our home,” the woman complained. “I took care of GS for the last two years in our home because his mother didn’t want to do it…OK, and I would never, ever hurt this child.”
    “I was denied, I was told I couldn’t get nothing to drink, I couldn’t go to the bathroom. I mean it was continually that my constitutional rights were violated,” she explained.
    Gannon Stauch: Stepmother speaks out, says her rights were violated after little boy, 11, mysteriously disappears while in her care
    Stepmother said he left to go to a friend's house, however, "But investigators said they had checked home security cameras in the neighborhood and had not identified images of GS on any of them."

    Authorities say Gannon Stauch 'missing and endangered' after days gone - KRDO

    As of Friday afternoon, the sheriff's office had received more than 70 tips in the case.
    On Thursday, 11 News learned The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) deployed a consultant from their Team Adam program to help. Team Adam is a free resource provided by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to law enforcement. Named after Adam Walsh, the abducted and murdered son of NCMEC co-founders John and Revé Walsh, Team Adam provides rapid, on-site assistance to law enforcement (LE) agencies and families in critical cases of missing children.
    The National Guard has also dispatched some of its troops to help. GS's father is a member of the Colorado National Guard.
    Civilian-led search parties have combed the area in and around the Lorson Ranch neighborhood, where Gannon's home is located.
    "So far, we've had random people going out anywhere they can," said Sara Robertson, one of the volunteers searching for GS Wednesday. "We decided to have more of an organized community around here, so we're all meeting here and heading out in different directions. We have about 40 per group. We have it gridded out checking every neighborhood all the surrounding grassy areas and fields ... looking in holes, in culverts, in ditches, anything we can do."
    ENDANGERED: 11-year-old Colorado boy not seen for days, stepmom speaks with 11 News and sheriff's office asks for volunteers
    In a statement released Friday, the Sheriff’s Office said its department and its partners are “putting extraordinary efforts to search for GS, preserve and recover any evidence that could lead to his return.”

    The Sheriff’s Office listed its partners as:
    Our partners in our search and investigation efforts are:
    4th Judicial District Attorney's Office, Army (multiple units - volunteers), Army 4th Engineer Battalion (volunteers), Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Colorado Springs Fire Department, Colorado Springs Police Department, Fountain Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue, El Paso County Public Works, El Paso County Search and Rescue, Emergency Incident Support, the FBI, Flight for Life (searching purposes only), Fremont County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, National Guard 100th Missile Defense Brigade (volunteers), Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management, Salvation Army, Verizon Wireless, and VOAD. Updated 2/7/20
    • FBI CARD (Child Abduction Rapid Deployment)
    • Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management
    • El Paso County Search and Rescue
    • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
    • Colorado Springs Police Department
    • Fountain Police Department
    • Salvation Army
    • VOAD – Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
    • Army 4th Engineer Battalion (in 100% non-duty volunteer status)
    • National Guard 100th Missile Defense Brigade (in 100% non-duty volunteer status)
    • Flight for Life (search purposes only)
    Experienced search teams working to find missing 11-year-old boy
    Saturday - February 1
    "I just hope they find him alive and they return him home safe," said RD, neighbor.RD, who lives "two houses down," said the minute GS went missing -- he began trying to do everything possible to help."We don't know exactly what happened, so we are looking through our cameras to see if we can pick up anything," said RD. RD said investigators spent several hours at his home, looking through video."They came and were looking through the video to see if our camera caught any movement or anything suspicious," said RD."People in Lorson Ranch, to be mindful of the things on their property, where a child may play or hide," said Jacqueline Kirby with the ECSO."Right now, we don't have a date in mind that it will end," said Kirby.
    ‘300 citizen volunteers’ ready to help search for Colorado boy, missing 6 days

    Sunday February 2
    Sheriff's Office Update on Search Efforts for Gannon Stauch

    RD - neighbor - can't sleep and views video from his garage camera - decides to view it on his TV. Sees the red truck leaving with GS at 10:14am with LS/TS and then returning at 2:00pm with on LS/TS - need link to interviews - he has done several
    (We don't know what occurred and nothing has been released to MSM regarding this timeframe.)
    RD calls AS and they view it together, AS breaks down crying mentions he knows LS/TS lied to him and they call LE.
    Questions - how did media get notified there was video?
    LE asked the MSM not to play the video and some complied and then one did not so they all played it - by this time the media had copies of it from ?

    The @EPCSheriff mobile command post is moving. CMoore News® (Carly Moore) on Twitte

    CMoore News® (Carly Moore)

    I’m at the “new command post” according to @EPCSheriff
    Looks like everyone is inside this building.CMoore News® (Carly Moore) on Twitter

    The El Paso County Sheriff’s office changes the location of the mobile command post relocating to the Incident Command to the Sheriff’s Office Training Facility across from the jail on Sunday.
    They said the move was because their investigation led them to the area.

    Monday February 3 - Searches?
    It’s been one week since 11-year-old GS was last seen at his Lorson Ranch home. @EPCSheriff says it’s gotten 134 tips & is continuing to search for the missing boy @KKTV11News
    Jenna Middaugh on Twitter
    The stepmother said she couldn’t comment on the details of the case at this time. None of his friends in the neighborhood have indicated that they saw GS that day.
    Update: Over 130 tips pour in for boy who mysteriously vanished while under stepmother’s care
    “UPDATE: Seven days after his disappearance, a Metro Crime Lab team spent hours at 11-year-old GS’s home today. They went in with gloves and tools and left with several evidence bags. Have live reports with exclusive details about a new piece of evidence at 4@5 on @KDVR”
    3:49 PM · Feb 3, 2020 [local/MST]
    Nicole Fierro on Twitter
    El Paso County Sheriff’s Office gets new evidence in search for missing 11-year-old boy

    Feb 3, 2020

    EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. -- One week after an 11-year-old El Paso County boy went missing, authorities received a new piece of evidence to further the investigation into GS’s disappearance.
    FOX31 obtained a copy of this evidence that came from a neighbor's surveillance camera. Authorities have asked us not to describe or show it yet because it’s a part of their investigation. To ensure we don’t compromise anything in the search for GS, we are honoring the sheriff’s office request.
    A few doors down, neighbor RD did some investigating on his own.“I couldn’t sleep so I just stayed up and I started looking through [surveillance footage],” RD said, adding, “I looked through on my tablet, then I said, 'Let me look on my TV to be sure.”Police have asked us not to share what he found yet.“This is something the investigators are looking into and it would be part of our investigation,” Kirby said. RD took the footage to GS’s father, who immediately called detectives.“He just broke down crying,” RD said. RD says detectives were moved by the footage too.
    “They said this is the break they needed,” RD said.
    El Paso County deputies collect evidence from missing boy’s home
    (interview with neighbor)
    Search intensifies for 11-year-old Colorado boy Gannon Stauch missing for more than a week
    However, neighbor RD said he searched through his home surveillance video as the search intensified. RD said the video showed LS/TS and GS get into a red pickup truck in the driveway of their home around 10:15 a.m.About four hours later, the truck returns to the house and LS/TS gets out of the vehicle alone.

    Tuesday -February 4 - Searches?

    Wednesday February 5 - Family does another plea with all 3 - Mom, Dad and sister - Gannon’s parents Landen Hiott, Albert Stauch, and sister Laina Stauch’s statement.
    Thursday February 6- Searches in water at night ENDANGERED: 11-year-old Colorado boy has been missing for more than 1 week; authorities search for evidence in pond
    Friday February 7
    Sheriff's Office Update on Gannon Stauch Case

    February 6, 2020
    Sheriff's Office Update on Gannon Stauch Case
    february 9
    Sheriff's Office Update on Gannon Stauch Case

    February 9, 2020
    The El Paso County Sheriff's Office investigation continued today in the Lorson Ranch area. Deputies re-canvassed Gannon's neighborhood and spoke with neighbors. We did this in a systematic approach to ensure all residents have been interviewed because some may have been away at the time of the initial canvassing. Those who are in the immediate vicinity of an incident may have useful information to provide.
    Sheriff's Office Update on Gannon Stauch Case
    Gannon Stauch case: Two weeks since the 11-year-old went missing in Colorado Springs.

    Gannon Stauch: What we know two weeks since the 11-year-old went missing from Colorado Springs home
    “Tonight I spoke with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office who confirmed teams were out searching today but would not specify which area. They said the search has not extended outside of El Paso County. #FindGannon#GannonStauch” (BAIBM)
    7:26 PM · Feb 10, 2020 (local/MST)
    Amber Jo Cooper on Twitter

    February 11

    february 12
    Exclusive: Gannon Stauch’s stepmother releases statement about boy’s disappearance

    February 21 - Search suspended
    "Crews have suspended their efforts in southern Douglas County in the search for missing 11-year-old Gannon Stauch after a week of intense probing, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said Friday."
    "“Teams remain available as investigative leads direct search efforts,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement."
    Crews suspend search for Gannon Stauch in Highway 105 area in southern Douglas County
    Crime lab back at the house
    #UPDATE: The Metro Crime Lab is back in Lorson Ranch outside of the home of a missing 11-year-old boy, #GannonStauch. He has been missing for over 3 weeks. @KKTV11News
    View attachment 233709
    2:37 PM · Feb 21, 2020 (local/MST)
    Catherine Silver on Twitter
    February 22 - Gannon's mother speaks
    Mother of missing 11-year-old boy breaks down in tears
    February 24 - Gannon missing 4 weeks
    Letecia Stauch reportedly attacked a deputy on her way to Colorado for Gannon case
    Interviews with LS
    Gannon Stauch: Stepmom explains rental car as search for missing Colorado boy continues [EXCLUSIVE PART 2]
    Gannon Stauch stepmom reveals where she went the day Colorado boy disappeared [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]
    Gannon Stauch: Stepmom says bloody board was not her fault. She’s now facing child abuse, murder charges [EXCLUSIVE PART 3]

    March 2 - LS arrested on first degree murder and other charges
    “Stepmother, Letecia Stauch, arrested on suspicion of murder. #GannonStauch #9news
    9:54 AM · Mar 2, 2020 (local/MST)
    Chris Vanderveen on Twitter
    Press Conference
    Sheriff Bill Elder on Gannon Stauch case
    Hearing in SC (extradition)
    Letecia Stauch makes first court appearance in South Carolina
    March 5
    Gannon Stauch: Stepmother accused of killing stepson arrives in Colorado. Court hearing scheduled TODAY
    Hearing video
    RAW | Letecia Stauch has first Colorado court hearing
    Attack on Deputy
    Sources: Stepmother charged in death of missing boy with Loris ties attacked deputy
    Fired from job (possible trigger?)
    Stepmom arrested in Gannon Stauch disappearance was fired from teaching job days before boy went missing
    T shirts sold to help the family
    ‘Justice for our hero’; Colorado Springs company selling t-shirts to benefit Gannon Stauch’s family

    Note - rental house listing- through the windows we can see the fence and also see the layout- Gannon's bedroom was downstairs.

    6627 Mandan Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80925 - SOLD LISTING, MLS # 8973578 | Pink Realty
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  12. Lore Listener

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    Holy smokes? FLORIDA??? How did she do this? The 900+ miles on the rental car? My god, she truly is a monster. Everyone owes her an apology? She really thought he's never be found!

    But so, so grateful that his real family can bury him and have some small degree of closure. Our prayers/good wishes/intentions/hopes have been answered.

    Remains Believed To Be Gannon Stauch Found In Florida
  13. Blissfully_B

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    How dare that monster throw him on the side of the road.UGH!!!
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  14. Mistree

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    The only thing I can think of is a “friend” who had recently moved to Oklahoma.
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  15. Beth11311

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    She thought she was soooo smart, hiding him out of state. I can't wait to see how she reacts to the knowledge that he has been found. Screw you, T.
  16. Faebray

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    Another possible way.

    Somebody has helped her. The miles on the rental weren't an error. She met somebody around 400 miles away, gave him to them and they put him in FL while she was already back in CO to return the rental.

    My head is swimming and my heart is aching.

    Last edited: Mar 20, 2020
  17. GordianKnot

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    It sounds as if someone may have just stumbled upon his remains vs. him being located as the result of an organized search by LE, a tip, etc.

  18. OldLadyBlues

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    HOLY CARP! Speechless............
  19. Feistyomi

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    Gannon is my hero! I can only hope that the latest revision is a gentler version than mine, AND I may have to edit (smart, a little) ... I am happy that he has been found! And sad.
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  20. The Night Watchman

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    Who else was involved?

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