Found Deceased CO - Gannon Stauch, 11, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, 27 Jan 2020 **ARREST** #38

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Sep 27, 2018
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It’s been a while since I’ve lived in Florida, but it can be quite mild and pleasant in the winter (40s at night, 70s during the day), so if they’ve had some cooler weather, especially so far north in the state, decomp might not be so severe. The humidity and nasty heat start to kick in around May-ish?
today in florida it is 85 right now and has been these temps for a few weeks now with a low of 60 at night.


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May 3, 2012
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Jan 31, 2010
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No way she got to Florida on Day 1. It's 2000 miles.

She is still in Colorado on Feb 1. I believe she left CO (with Harley) on Feb 4. Possibly the 3rd.

They would have had to rent another car, hence the car rental entities in the witness list. Do we know if that car had tracking? I would assume so and I would assume that's what LE used to locate Gannon.

This means she picked his body up, maybe moved it once, then again - out of state, to Florida. Or someone else did it for her. She had really fanatic supporters among her family and friends in SC.

I never said she transported his body on Day 1. I was saying she most likely murdered him on that day....As original poster was thinking he was kept alive for awhile (and that someone else did it).


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Oct 25, 2018
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The more I turn this over in my head, the less surprised I am that Gannon was found in Florida.

LS has "overdone" everything in this case. Going places, talking, etc. I'm sure she moved him, likely by herself. She just can't leave well enough alone.


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Feb 25, 2020
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That's so true, as she was already known to LE as being suspect in his dissapearence!?
I'm sure I read somewhere that they had her under surveillance very early on around day 2 or 3 of G's disspearance?
That might have been mentioned in the timeline that came out as soon as she was arrested by one of the papers/journalists (sorry, cannot remember who)
How the F did she accomplice this feat..?
A force of Evil will attempt to move a mountain to avoid exposure of their wicked deeds.


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Sep 7, 2016
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It's finally hit me: just how awful and depraved this woman is. To have done this to a defenseless innocent child who was her stepson, and in her care.

I am eternally grateful to the authorities who managed to piece together the puzzle of Gannon's disappearance.

At least now he can come home to his family.

My heart is very heavy today, now that reality has set in. My thoughts are with Landon, Al and Laina, who are facing unimaginable loss.

Let Justice be swift and harsh upon LS. Life without parole is too good for her, but at least she will rot in prison hopefully, and not be able to harm any other children.


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Jan 17, 2017
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Looking at the witness list and the vast number of FBI offices involved across multiple states (including multiple agents in Florida!) I have a feeling they knew she was traveling. I wonder if they found the places in Colorado where she potentially stashed his body/evidence as well as have had other offices look along the path in which she potentially traveled (or an associate of hers).

Here's a map of the law enforcement offices on the witness list (if it wasn't obvious or there was no address, I didn't include it). Kind of tells a story, doesn't it??????

Also, here's a list of the locations and the number of people associated to the location in order from greatest to least (this is not perfect - I could have missed one or two).

Denver, CO - 59
Colorado Springs, CO - 56
Myrtle Beach, SC - 36
Conway, SC - 6
Columbia, SC - 5
Jacksonville, FL - 4
NW Washington DC - 3
Dalton, GA - 1
Charleston, WV - 1
Fayetteville, NC - 1
Amarillo, TX - 1
Abilene, TX - 1
Frisco, TX - 1
Shreveport, LA - 1
Monroe, LA - 1
Jackson, MS - 1
Everett, WA - 1
Castle Rock, CO - 1
West Chester, PA - 1
this tells me is that she went through Dallas into Shreveport straight through to Monroe into Jackson then down to Mobile picking up I-10 to Pensacola. Bridges and lots of water, why this spot. Also, I’ve been back and forth to Dallas twice in last month-travel this route exactly and it’s quiet at night after 10Pm on I-10, so she could have stopped and not a soul to see.
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Jun 21, 2010
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My current thinking:

GS was killed in CO in the area in South DougCo where they were snow sifting. They wouldn't have gone through that effort on a whim. Dan May sure as heck wouldn't have filed murder charges on a "no body" case without significant evidence that GS was deceased. They had to have found evidence that pointed to life not being viable.

I am leaning towards she moved him later, but am not sure.

The witness list really seems to lay out a bread crumb trail to me. We know that vehicles were impounded, so I am guessing this is where the second rental car company came in. We know LS' passport was taken (because she said so in DWAP interview) so she couldn't flee the country. People are asking how they weren't watching her 24/7, but it seems like they have a trail. Unfortunately, she left over 2000 miles to cover, so that may be why they didn't find him right away. LE may have known he was somewhere on that route, but it was just too expansive to search the whole thing. That may also be why GS was identified so quickly, even if he was all the way in FL. Juvenile male on that general route? Could be GS.

Yes, and we were told repeatedly by LE that there were multiple searches happening simultaneously in areas that were never disclosed. Locals seemed perplexed that they couldn't find said searches.


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May 3, 2016
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Could he have been there for that many weeks? There wouldn't be a body to find. It would be human remains. I need to read the articles more closely.
I am just speculating, but I would think he was well hidden there.
Either in a SUITCASE or wrapped in something and by the picture of the area and the yellow tape, it looks like on the other side of the rocks,under the bridge. JMO


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Sep 18, 2007
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This is really confusing. Florida? And not even really hidden?

So if she had help with leaving Gannon by the side of the highway in Florida, perhaps whoever that was wanted him found.

On Google Maps, this road appears a major highway, and on the pics accompanying the news article, the yellow tape is in between the northbound and southbound lanes, and all LE vehicles are parked on the left shoulder and lane. Meaning Gannon was found on the left, on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

But a bit confusing to me, is the news article photos show a major curve close to Gannon’s location, and I am not seeing that major curve on Google Maps, traveling either southbound or northbound. Of course, the perspective in pics can be deceiving.

It appears that stepthing was a lot more ambitious than I expected, I absolutely thought she’d take the easiest, closest, least-amount-of-work solution available.

But I’m absolutely elated that Gannon has been found.


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Aug 13, 2011
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Could she have ties to anyone in the military down in Pensacola/PCB?
Good point. ^^^

Imo she may have had 'help'.
I can't imagine the wickedness of anyone willing to assist in disposing of a child's remains.
Even if they've never killed anyone-- they're just as evil as TS if they knew--and went ahead with driving and leaving him somewhere !
And crossing state lines while knowing you have a body results in upgraded charges as well, correct ?

I said I'd cry if --and when-- Gannon was found.
Not crying right now... but very enraged.
Bleeping step-person.
Not a 'mother' at all, so not going to call her that.

I'm still thankful that he was found as I feared he might never be located.
My thoughts and prayers are with his parents and family.


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Jan 25, 2014
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Mind blown. I would never have expected him to turn up in Florida. Highway 90 runs roughly parallel to I-10 from somewhere in Texas all the way through Florida. There is no reason for her to have traveled I-10 (or 90 but it's much smaller and used less) en route from Colorado to South Carolina. It would be completely out of the way to go that far South to make that trip. If they can put her on anywhere I-10, it will just add to her toastedness. IMHO and MOO, of course.
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