Found Deceased CO - Gannon Stauch, 11, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, 27 Jan 2020 **ARREST** #39

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Feb 25, 2020
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Reading the new sentence enhancers - they're alleging that she used a firearm, a blunt weapon, and a knife or sharp instrument, correct? I'm stunned but they really seem to be alleging use of all 3 of those things.

If he really was found in a suitcase, I think she may have dismembered him. Maybe she struck him with a board at home, seriously injuring him. Then she took him in the truck, shot him, then hid his body somewhere not too far from the home, maybe somewhere near Larkspur.

After reporting him missing, she got spooked and returned to his body. At this point it would've been stiff from the rigor and freezing cold. Hard to fit into a suitcase or move around. So she used something like a knife or saw to dismember him and put him in the suitcase.

A chain of events like that would account for all the charges and sentence enhancers, and explain how she would've gotten his body down to FL and why LE found evidence of his death weeks before finding his body. I think they found the location where she first hid his body.

All speculation, of course. Just trying to wrap my head around all of the charges.
@lucidtx I absolutely agree. Initially, I realized the reason for dismemberment was rigor mortis, but after time it subsides. Now your mention his body freezing as a result of the temperature, offers another reason to use a knife or sharp object.

If the autopsy substantiates dismemberment, I can't imagine the jury could acquit. TS's own attorneys will be sickened. One has to be a vile inhuman savage beast to do such a thing!!
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