CO CO - James Lepik, 54, Grand County, Jan 2005

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    James Albert Lepik
    The victim was located on June 25, 2005 in Grand County, Colorado. He was identified as James Albert Lepik of Aurora, Colorado in January of 2006.

    From when Mr. Lepik was unidentified:

    Date Located: June 25, 2005
    Location Found: Grand County, Colorado
    Date of Death: 4 to 7 months prior to discovery.

    Description (Estimates)
    Race: White / Hispanic
    Age: 45-65
    Height: 5’6” to 5’9”
    Weight: 145 - 165
    Eye Color: unknown
    Hair Color: Unknown - Close cropped hair style.
    Dentals: unknown.

    Clothing: Jeans, a long sleeved thermal shirt under short sleeved shirt and sandals.

    Case Details: The victim was located on June 25, 2005 up on Berthoud Pass in Grand County, Colorado. He was wearing a distinct gold colored necklace of a lion’s face. (pictured below)

    **Note the photo of the necklace has been removed.

    I tried to find a missing person's site on Mr. Lepik and came up with nothing. I did a google search and a seach at the National Center for Missing Adults.

    Based on the Doe Network site, when Mr. Lepik was unidentified, it looks like he went missing around January 2005.

    May his family find peace in his identification.
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