CO CO - James Rowe, 26, Crestone, 30 July 2004

James Charley page is no longer up but according to his family's FB as of Dec 22 he's still missing.

I think he lost touch with reality after this "landmark education" therapy he went to, wandered off into the wilderness and succumbed to the elements.
I personally know three people who have done these seminars. They get attendees to publicly discuss traumatic experiences from their lives including abuse situations. If James found the seminar traumatic or humiliating etc it may well have affected his mental well-being. All speculation on my part based on my experience of those I know who have attended.
I was wondering what was going on with this case, as there was a comment on his FB Missing page a week ago and no mention about him having been found. There was a comment made on an unapproved source that he's been found, but no mention anywhere else about it. I hope his family gets some answers soon, it's been such a long time..
Just came across this case, because his profile is currently bumped up on the NamUs Dashboard. I wonder why, after all these years? I hope he is safe out there, and my heart goes out to his family.

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