Deceased/Not Found CO - Kelsey Berreth, 29, Woodland Park, Teller County, 22 Nov 2018 - #47 *ARREST*

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    Just MOO but I highly doubt PF's attorney wants him on the stand. I imagine he would advise against it. I think with what they know, planting reasonable doubt is the only reasonable angle to pursue.

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    I'm about to watch Dr Phil for the first time. Chris Watts new confession, on NOW!
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    I see what you mean, but I still don't see him testifying. I see him going to prison as an "innocent" man, wrongly convicted for something someone else did and appealing his conviction "until the cows come home," (Forgive me, I just couldn't resist :)) I just don't see him ever admitting what he did.
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    I'm sure the attorney is likely to advise against it, but it wouldn't be the first time a client thought s/he knew more than the attorney.

    I can only hope.
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    Looking at this picture I’m trying to imagine SF walking on the porch as stated and watching. That’s a pretty thick tree line I don’t think Ma could have seen much unless she walked out to the burn site unless the trees bottom branches are up pretty high. Jmo
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    The police did not discover the ring until KKL guided them to the location out on the walk-through of December 21st, just after PF's arrest. IMO
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    Yeah its real dry where I am at and a lot of days, we have typical 10-15 MPH gusts in the midwest so it gets windy where I am at and if I dont have a lot of tree limbs to burn then I typically use the 55 gallon drum. But when I have a lot of wood to burn like entire dead trees that have fallen then I just do them on the ground in one spot where it is pretty open and I wait till a day where the wind forecast is going to be really low winds.

    I check the wind forecast here almost as much as i do the weather forecast it seems like. LOL

    The hardest part is chainsawing all the wood up and hauling it to my burn spots. Its too wooded to do it where the dead trees fall.
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    One would think that with a severe limp and a cane, she wouldn't have risked falling by leaving the porch. I imagine that she saw it was PF and he seemed to be in scontrol. For all we know, he might have been in the regular habit of starting fires. IMO
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    Something I don't understand about burning the tote. If it's heavy duty plastic, wouldn't that take a long time to burn through enough for a body inside to also burn?
    Maybe the tote lid was open or removed.

    It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me to burn a body encased in heavy duty plastic. It had to have taken many hours.

    Just my opinion as I really have no idea.

    Sorry Kelsey.
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    That is bazaar as well. Why pay for phones and have your own? Why have knowledge of protective coverings but leave blood in the shower? Why admit to the U.S. government this is your monthly habit of driving down to kill someone? Poor Darwin gets blamed for everything. This is why the apes don't claim us.
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    Dave had posted this earlier. Interesting story.

    CO - Kelsey Berreth, 29, Woodland Park, Teller County, 22 Nov 2018 - #30 *ARREST*
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    KK is scared about a few things, one of them is the metal rod or pipe with her fingerprints on it. That's why she claims to have left it at the gate of the Franchette. What I find comical here is that she was locked out at the gate, couldn't even enter as though she was stalking not only KB but also PF.
  13. InvSmith

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    I don't know if any of this is true but it is all certainly dumb. The longer you think on all the things KKL say they attempted and schemed, the more incredulous the whole plot becomes. It was just a matter of months before the child would start to show a will of her own. Terrible two's are just the beginning of independence.
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    Me too, me too!!!
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    Yes and I cringe to think about PF's manner of parenting and
    SF's also.
    There would have eventually been fireworks w/ KB if she
    were informed of how the baby was really taken care of.
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    If the bonfire was in the steel trough, why were the tiny plastic balls in the dirt? I mean, if you are guilty of something more than burning some household/ranch trash, something like murder, aren't you going to be careful about not spilling the burn remains in the dirt? But if it was an ordinary burn task, you might just mix soil to quench the fire, and dump it on the ground when it cooled, an ordinary burn pit area.

    ETA: I don't believe KK. I don't see that finding little melted plastic balls in the dirt is proof of anything other than a burn pit at any point in time. KK may have had knowledge that PF does these trash burns.
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    In order to save space on the threads and to save me time from posting the timeline I'm making the timeline 3 parts. I will post Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 shortly. However, going forward I'll only be posting a part of the timeline if that part has been updated or changed. The timeline will still be at the beginning of each thread, they'll just be in 3 parts instead of 2 parts. I hope that makes sense. :)
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    ITA. Their search warrant was executed Fri-Sat-Sun 12/14-15-16, the property released back to SF slightly earlier than expected. LE must have seen the burn spot but did not consider it suspicious?
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    Timeline - PART 1
    (2006 - Dec. 10, 2018)

    • KK told FBI she and PF met each other at a dude ranch in 2006.
    • KK and CL married.
    • CL stated KK and PF dated in college and the two were involved in a sexual relationship during at least 2016 and possibly into 2017.
    April 29, 2016 - Friday
    • KK filed for divorce from CL
    June 27, 2016 - Monday
    • Idaho court records - KK/CL final Judgement and Decree occurred on June 27, 2016
    January 1, 2017 - Sunday
    • Around New Years Day 2017, PF took KB’s gun because the couple was arguing about finances and KB said “maybe I would be better off dead.” And pointed the gun to her head.
    October 2017 (going by tweets - unsure if 2017 or 2018)
    • Slater says KK & PF reconnected in Oct. 2017 talking about a fundraiser.
    March 2018
    • KK came out to Colorado in March 2018 and started a intimate relationship with PF at that time. KK says she didn’t know about KB or Baby K.
    May 2018
    • KB purchase home - 2 bedroom, 1 bath Duplex/Townhouse
    Summer of 2018
    • Arrest Affidavit - KK and CL divorced (married for 8 years and still share a home in Idaho together raising their 2 children) - (Idaho court records - KK/CL final Judgement and Decree occurred on June 27, 2016)
    August 2018
    • KK told police she didn't know about KB and the Baby K until 5 months after they started seeing each other. (which would be around this time if going by March 2018)
    • KB admitted herself in an anxiety and depression clinic for 2 weeks. Slater said the clinic KB went to a center for anxiety and depression treatments. KB was there in August of 2018. The clinic is the Nedley Clinic in CA. It doesn’t address drug/alcohol issues. The clinic told CB that KB didn’t check in there in November.
    September 1 - November 22, 2018
    • PF asked KK to kill KB on three separate occasions during this time period.
    September 23, 2018 - Sunday
    • KK made a trip to WP and stopped in Greeley over night.
    • KK had a beer with her aunt Kristi before going to KB’s home.
    • KK went to the Starbucks at Walmart and drove over to KB’s townhome with KK’s aunt (Kristi) still in the car. KK told Slater she didn’t put anything in the coffee.
    • Slater: KK parked in the alley. Kristi stayed in the car & couldn’t see where KK went. KK knocked on the door. KB opened the door slightly. KK lied about her identity, said she was a neighbor & wanted to thank her for helping find her dogs. KK gave KB coffee which KB accepted. KK then tried to build a relationship with KB. At PF’s direction, KK suggested a play date in the future. KK gave KB a number for a burner phone she bought, again at PF’s direction.
    • KK told Slater she didn’t drug the coffee because “she didn’t want to hurt her.” KK communicated with PF after this. She said he was angry.
    • PF sent KK an apology text later that day. PF told KK there would be another chance, and Slater confirmed that.
    October 2018
    • Meghan (KK’s friend) was aware of PF recruiting KK to help kill KB.
    October 15, 2018 - Monday
    • KK arrived back in Colorado on Oct. 15 with plans to try to kill KB for a second time.
    • CBI agent says according to KK, when she arrived in CO she asked PF what she was supposed to do. PF told her she was smart and she would figure it out.
    • PF told KK he had a tool she could use. He instructed KK to use a metal rod to hit her in the back of the head.
    • She says PF gave her a metal pipe and told her to hit KB in the back of the head and throw her body in the trash
    • PF told KK "It's not that hard" when referring to hitting KB. Slater says KK was told by PF to hit KB in the back of the head, because there wouldn’t be a lot of blood.
    • Slater says KK did go to the parking lot of KB’s home and removed the pipe from her car but got frightened when she heard a dog bark. KK got in her car, drove to PF’s residence and left the rod at the gate of his home.
    • Slater says he believes KK left the pipe at the PF residence on Oct. 15. SF found the pipe and asked PF why it was there. KK told PF she just couldn’t do it. She was scared, per Slater.
    October 22, 2018 - Monday
    • KK told her friend Michelle (paralegal friend) that PF asked her to help kill KB. Michelle advised KK to tell LE. Michelle provided LE access to her phone records and there was a call between Michelle and KK. The information KK provided correlates with phone records.
    October 23, 2018 - Tuesday
    • Slater says KK came back around a week after the Oct. 15 incident. She brought a bat from home, parked outside KB’s home & waited. KK realized she couldn’t do it, left the property and says she drove past KB to PF’s residence.
    • Slater says KK saw PF as being angry again. “If you can’t do it, I’m gonna have to,” Slater says (which he’s attributing to PF). Slater thought that was around Oct. 23.
    November 3, 2018 - Saturday
    • KK was with family in Reno when PF called KK again with another “opportunity”. She told Slater she looked into airfare from Reno to CO, but decided she couldn’t do it.
    November 18-21, 2018
    • Slater says he knew KB had dinner with a coworker the week of Thanksgiving. Didn’t say who.
    November 21, 2018 - Wednesday
    • KB told CB she didn’t get home till about 4 a.m. on Nov. 22 after meeting with PF on Nov. 21 to check on cattle. CB thought PF’s cattle were located in Westcliffe, but she wasn’t sure
    • KB told CB that PF was suffering from a stomach ulcer on Nov 21. CB told agent Slater that KB dropped off PF, went to the WP Walmart to get medicine for PF the night of Nov. 21 and went back to Florissant to give him the medicine.
    • KK and PF spoke on the phone. KK says he asked her what KK was doing on Thanksgiving.
    November 22, 2018 - Thursday
    • KB last seen on video surveillance shopping in Safeway (noon hour)
    • KB exchanged daughter with PF (fiancé)
    • KK learned PF committed homicide
    • KB was last seen alive on Nov. 22.
    • CB says she talked to KB on the phone for about 5 minutes on Nov. 22. During CB and KB’s conversation KB had asked for a bread recipe because her and PF had plans to go out with Baby K for Thanksgiving dinner, but she wanted to a dip recipe from CB if something happened. Slater says, per CB, KB didn’t talk about relationship problems.
    • CB told Slater there was another conversation at 9:17 a.m. with Kelsey. Slater says that conversation was about Christmas plans. Nothing about visiting family in Washington state or Idaho though.
    • CB told Slater on the evening of Nov. 22, CB says she received texts from KB’s phone that she got her gun back & felt safe now with PF.
    • KB was last seen on the Safeway surveillance video about 12:27 p.m. KB’s purchased items for dip and flowers at Safeway. KB was next seen in her car on surveillance video from Williams Bros Furniture, at 12:37 approaching her townhome.
    • Between 12:54 p.m. - 1:17 p.m. PF was seen on Walmart & Williams Furniture Store surveillance, and on Arlo camera by KB’s neighbor caught KB, baby K and PF at KB’s door at 1:34 p.m.
    • Adams: another surveillance video showing PF at KB’s residence at 3:36 p.m.
    • Slater said KK told him PF contacted her, and she knew that he had killed KB.
    • Courtroom testimony from CBI agent: KK says PF told her that he covered KB’s eyes with a sweater for a guessing game to guess candle scents. PF used a bat to assault KB, beating her and kill her.
    • Slater: KK says PF put KB in a black tote and set that on the ground near the green Toyota before putting it in the back of his truck & transporting her remains to Nash Ranch in Fremont County, CO. PF placed the black tote that KB’s body was in on top of haystacks in a barn at Nash Ranch.
    • During the crime, KK told Slater the couple’s 1-year-old daughter was in a room nearby, according to his testimony.
    • The murder, according to KK (through PF), happened in a back office/second bedroom.
    • According to testimony PF left the murder scene and then went to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Later, he allegedly returned to collect KB’s body and burned it.
    • PF went to Thanksgiving dinner with his family that same night, according to Slater’s testimony.
    • Slater says PF put KB’s body in black bag in truck — and drove to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.
    • Phone records show 12:30 both PF and KB’s phones show location at KB’s apartment. Both phones were traveling together later that day. Later that evening phone towers showed both phones together again
    • Then later that evening, Adams says the phones were together and pinged west of Cripple Creek. Adams says PF called KK and his mother SF on Nov. 22.
    • Agents found PF called his mother on Nov. 22 around 4:24 p.m. They determined his phone pinged off a tower near KBs townhome, heading west from there.
    • Adams wrote search warrants for both KB and PF’s phones to Verizon. He says there were a few phone calls between the phones on Nov. 22. Adams says cell tower data showed they were in the vicinity of KB’s townhome. Later that day, they pinged near Divide.
    • Phone records show KB’s phone and PF’s phone were together the entire day on Nov 22. Records show both phones move west, go off the grid, come back on at a later time. The phones are shown heading toward Cripple Creek. They go dark once again.
    • Slater says it’s his understanding that KB’s phone was in close proximity to PF’s phone. They were moving west from Woodland Park toward Divide, then later that night toward Florissant & Cripple Creek.
    • 4:37 pm Nov. 22, PF called an Idaho number. Slater says PF’s phone pinged off a tower in Divide, CO, when he made that call. Shortly after, PF received a return call from that number and his phone pinged in vicinity of KB’s home, it hit off a tower, southwest of KB’s townhome. Reporter Sam Kraemer, who was present at the hearing, understood Slater's testimony to mean that KK was in Idaho on November 22, the day KB was murdered. Sam (Kraemer Retweeted **********KK was in Idaho on Thanksgiving, swapped cars with her best friend the next day & drove to CO. She can't talk to the press, per her plea deal. Not sure why SF is pleading the 5th & why PF was with his brother. KK says she left her phone on for police to find her.)
    • Referencing the Idaho number belonged to KK, state asks if PF contacting that number became important, knowing that was near the last ping of KB’s phone. Slater said yes, then they tried contacting her.
    • CBI agent testified that at 4:24 p.m. on Nov. 22 PF’s phone called his mother. At 4:37 p.m. it called KK. Cell towers show he was southwest of KB‘s home.
    • Adams says he also recovered video of PF at the drive through of Ent Credit Union. He says he couldn’t see the baby in the truck, but did see a baby carrier.
    • Two more exhibits from the state. First is a still of PF on the surveillance at the bank showing him. Second shows the back of his truck, with a black tote in it. He says they learned that tote played a big role in what happened to KB
    • Adams says he talked to PF’s brother, a Colorado Springs police officer as part of the investigation. Sean (unsure of spelling) says he saw PF on Nov. 22 & didn’t describe anything as suspicious that day. It doesn’t say exactly when PF arrived for Thanksgiving. Sean says he got there around 2:30 p.m., and that PF arrived a little later. He had baby K with him. Defense says PF’s brother would be aware of things out of the ordinary. since he is a CO Springs police officer. Prosecution says Sean and Patrick have estranged relationship.
    • KK spoke with PF at 4:30 p.m. PF texted KK asking for her to call him. PF eventually called KK, saying, she had to get to CO because she had a mess to clean up. KK interpreted that as KB was dead. Cell phone records support this cell phone conversation.
    • KK said she couldn’t come out right away, realizing what happened. Slater says PF said, “Just f***ing talk.” He made it clear to KK that she needed to bring things with her to “clean up”.
    • Slater says PF told KK,“You don’t know how hard it was to have Thanksgiving dinner after killing her. “
    • PF originally, took KB’s body from her residence, and stored it in a black plastic tote with silver handles at the Nash Ranch on the 22nd of November. The tote was stored in a barn on top of a hay stack at the ranch, and PF used a tractor to put the tote up high.
    • Between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., there were approximately ten contacts between KB’s cell phone and PF’s cell phones, one of which was an approximate four minute phone call at or about 1:42 a.m.
    • Video surveillance from the Safeway in WP, CO showed KB and Baby K shopping at the store. It appeared she departed the grocery store at approximately 12:27 p.m. Investigators located receipts from Safeway in the residence and vehicle that corroborate this information.
    • The analysis of the cell phone data revealed that KB and PF cellular phones connected to the same Verizon tower in WP at 12:23 p.m when KB missed a call from PF at 12:31 p.m.
    • Between 12:54 p.m. - 1:17 p.m. PF is captured on surveillance footage at a Walmart in WP, CO with a baby carrier with similar blankets as seen in the Safeway footage. Although, Baby K can’t be clearly seen in the footage, it is likely she was in the baby carrier.
    • At Approximately 1:24 p.m. an individual that matched the physical description of PF is captured on a neighbor’s surveillance camera entering the front door of KB’s residence. The photograph contradicts PF’s timeline provided to investigators.
    • The same residential surveillance camera captured an individual that matches the physical description of PF at KB’s residence at or about 3:36 p.m. It is noted that around this time. PF’s phone records indicated that he called his mother and KK.
    • Nov. 22, 2018 - The analysis of the cell phone data revealed that KB and PF cellular phones connected to the same Verizon tower in WP at 12:23 p.m when KB missed a call from PF at 12:31 p.m.
    • Nov. 22, 2018 - Both KB and PF’s phones were seen by towers near Cripple Creek in the evening, traveling in the same directions and often similar distances from the cell towers hen measurements were captured by the Verizon network. This would indicate the phones were likely together.
    • 1 – 4 a.m.: Investigators found that there were at least seven contacts made between Frazee and Berreth’s cell phones between these hours, including a four-minute phone call that happened around 1:42 a.m.
    • 9 – 10 a.m.: Cell phone records show Berreth text messaged Frazee at 9:37 a.m. and that the two spoke on the phone for about 3 ½ minutes around 9:40 a.m.
    • 12:27 p.m.: Berreth and her daughter are captured on a surveillance camera at the Safeway in Woodland Park leaving the store. Receipts from the store and her home corroborated she was there at that time.
    • 12:31 and 12:33 p.m.: Frazee calls Berreth's cell phone in a 35-second call, and there is an incoming call from Berreth to Frazee listed as 8 seconds in length in the affidavit. The affidavit says that both of their cell phones connected to the same cell tower in Woodland Park
    • 12:41 p.m.: A text message was exchanged between Berreth and Frazee.
    • 12:54 – 1:17 p.m.: Frazee was captured on surveillance video at the Walmart in Woodland Park carrying a baby carrier with a blanket similar to the one seen in the Safeway footage. Investigators wrote in the affidavit that they believe their 1-year-old daughter was in the carrier at the time.
    • Frazee said he met with Berreth in an alleyway outside her home in Woodland Park to exchange the child just beforehand, which investigators said they believe did occur. This is the last time that Frazee reportedly saw Berreth alive, and he told investigators that while they exchanged their daughter, he returned some of her belongings, including a handgun, keys and other items – which have so far not been recovered.
    • 1:24 p.m.: A person matching Frazee’s description is captured entering the front door of Berreth’s apartment on a neighbor’s surveillance camera – which investigators said contradicted what Frazee had told them about a timeline on that day.
    • Afternoon: Investigators believe this is when Frazee allegedly killed Berreth inside her apartment, then took her cell phone when he left. Investigators allege that he blindfolded Berreth and asked her to smell a scented candle, then beat her to death with a baseball bat. They say that Kenney was aware because Frazee told her about it.
    • Cell tower records show that Frazee’s phone was connected to the tower serving Berreth’s apartment from approximately 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. that day.
    • 3:36 p.m.: That same neighbor’s surveillance camera again captures images of a person that matches Frazee’s description at Berreth’s home. Frazee called his mother, Sheila, and Kenney at this time, according to his phone records. This is the beginning of when Frazee allegedly started carrying out his “scheme,” as the affidavit calls it, of using his and Berreth’s phones to try and “distract law enforcement, distort the actual date of [Berreth’s] appearance, and separate himself as a suspect in a murder investigation.”
    • Kenney told investigators that Frazee called her and told her to come to Colorado because she “had a mess to clean up.” She told investigators that she understood that meant that Berreth had been killed.
    • Evening hours: Both Frazee’s and Berreth’s cell phones were connected with cell towers near Cripple Creek, traveling in the same direction and similar distances from the towers. “This would indicate the phones were likely traveling together,” Frazee’s affidavit says. The affidavit says the two cell phones stayed together for the entirety of Nov. 22-24.
    • Investigators allege that Frazee removed Berreth’s body from her apartment that day and stored it in a black plastic tote at the Nash Ranch atop a haystack.
    November 23, 2018 - Friday
    • Slater says KK exchanged her car with her friend Megan (unsure on spelling). It’s a Volkswagen Passat with expired plates. The exchange happened in Idaho. KK left around 6:30 p.m. that day.
    • KK brought gloves, a hair net, two trash bags, bleach, a white body suit (to keep things off her person) and booties (shoe covers). She brought those supplies from home, Slater says, because she recently moved into a new home and had them from painting her home. She said the hospital had the suit.
    • On KK’s way to CO PF told her there was a square that needed to be replaced and to look at an air duct vent that needed attention.
    • Commander Adams is now testifying about cell phone records. Told the court on Nov. 23, day after KB went missing. PF called KB’s phone in the morning and both phones pinged as being together at PF’s residence in Teller County.
    • Meghan asked KK if they could switch vehicles because she needed to move due to a change in a family situation and she wanted to borrow KL’s truck. Meghan knew KK was planning to drive to CO in her vehicle.
    • Nov. 23, 2018 - both KB and PF’s phones utilized the Verizon cell tower in Florisant, along with the sector facing PF’s residence when PF’s phone called KB’s phone in the morning. Later in the day, both phones then appear to travel together from the area of PF’s residence towards the same area west of Cripple Creek and both phones had visited the prior evening before returning in the direction of PF’s residence.
    November 24, 2018 - Saturday
    • KK arrived in WP around 7:30 a.m.
    • CB said on Nov. 24 that she “butt-dialed” KB but hung up quickly. She told Slater she got a text from KB’s phone saying she’d call her back. That’s the last known communication between the two. CB never received that phone call from her daughter.
    • Adams says he was able to confirm KK’s physical presence in Colorado on Nov. 24. He says, based on the interview, that she came in the morning. Surveillance from the Sonic in Woodland Park & the Coneco in Florissant showed her vehicle.
    • Adams says PF was seen on video at Conoco gas station with KK around 4:30 p.m. filling up his vehicle, then filling a 5 gallon gas can. That gas station is a little more than a mile from his residence
    • Adams says there were texts & phone calls between PF and KB’s phones. Again, cell tower data showed they were together near Florissant and Cripple Creek.
    • Phone records show PF called KK again.
    • Slater: PF gave KK KB’s phone and told her to drive to KB’s home, text CB and then go back to PF’s home.
    • When KK arrived, she went to PF’s home and picked up a set of keys for KB’s. She parked at the Woodland Park Community Center and walked to KB’s home.
    • KK described the scene as horrific. “There was blood everywhere,” she told Slater. Blood on east, south and west walls.
    • Going room by room. In the living room, PF told KK to grab a sweater, look for a tooth in a vent & clean up Baby K’s toys covered in blood.
    • KK collected a stuff animal, tin foil on top of cinnamon rolls, some of Baby K’s toys and some cookie cutters that PF told her to clean. She put those in trash bags, along with curtains, pillows & a Bible with blood on it, and discarded those items.
    • Slater says after KK collected the items, she put some towels in the washing machine. She ran out of trash bags & used 4 bags from inside KB’s home. She also found bloody baby wipes, suggesting PF tried to clean up, and discarded them. Slater says KK used some Oxiclean & Windex from inside KB’s home.
    • She wiped down windows, the television, tabletops, underneath chairs, the kitchen, the bathroom, the floors and stairs.
    • KK said there were bloody footprints all over the house including in KB’s bedroom. The footprints were big. Not likely they were KB’s. KK said it took about 3 to 4 hours to clean up the home.
    • PF had tried to clean up using baby wipes. KK ended up throwing those away. She also used bleach for the walls and the floor. She used some cleaning supplies that were KB’s all to clean up her blood.
    • KK says she left items for law enforcement to recover. She intentionally left blood splatter by the fireplace in the grout. There was blood to the right of the fireplace next to the switch ad on the baby gate. KK says she was hoping law enforcement would find that and come looking for her asap.
    • KK did find a tooth but threw it away. When she was done, she put the trash bags out front, got her car and then picked up the trash before going to Sonic.
    • PF wanted KK to take the remains to Idaho. KK refused. PF said, “we’re finishing this.” So, at PFs direction, KK texts CB from KB’s phone saying she’d call her tomorrow. SF had Baby K.
    • KK met PF at the Florissant Coneco Gas Station at 4:30 p.m. and they went to the Nash property. KK says PF backed the truck up to a large red barn.
    • KK told cops she went back to Nash Ranch and helped PF retrieve KB’s body from the barn at Nash Ranch.
    • PF used a ladder to climb this large haystack to get the tote and a plastic bag containing KB’s gun. A tractor was used to bring the tote down from the top of the stack, Slater says.
    • With KB’s body in a Toyota Tacoma, they drive to PF’s property. There, he used gasoline and oil to burn the tote containing KB’s body, baseball bat and the trash bags from the crime scene.
    • PF collected wood and begin to start a fire and begin to burn that black tote. The remains of KB were allegedly placed. KK says she never saw KB inside the tote but when the fire began to burn she saw a lump.
    • Slater: KB’s body was burned while it was inside the tote. PF used gasoline and wood. Patrick used a faded red gas tank to pour gasoline on the black tote.
    • Slater: KK did see SF come out to the porch to see what was going on.
    • Slater: According to KK, PF “scooped up” KB’s remains. He planned to put them in the dump or toss them elsewhere.
    • Slater: PF and KK drove back to the townhome to get PF’s truck.
    • According to KK she took KB’s phone and kept it on and kept her phone on so that law enforcement could track it and find KK.
    • Slater: KK said she turned KB phone off and on to make it look like KB went away to “off herself”
    • Slater KK says PF wanted to make it look like KB just went off on her own. That’s also why KK took KB’s gun.
    • KK was instructed to text PF from KB’s phone saying, "Do you even love me anymore." She was also instructed to text Doss Aviation.
    • KK threw the KB’s townhome keys into a gorge in Gooding, Idaho and the burner phone was thrown out in Breckinridge.
    • KK to police she burned KB’s phone & a burner phone in her yard.
    • KK told police she burned KB’s phone and their burner phones at her house in Idaho and disposed of what was left at work.
    • KK gave the gun to her friend Mark Pierson She told him it was her aunt’s gun and she just wanted to get rid of it. Slater says they were able to track down Mark Pearson and get the gun. Pearson said he got it from KK. An ATF analysis revealed it is KB’s.
    • Call records indicate PF and KK communicated at 7:23 a.m., 10:47 a.m., 11:39 a.m., 1:06 p.m. and 5:21 p.m. (KK initially told LE she was at PF’s residence at this time)
    • KK’s cell phone was connected to a cell tower and also to a sector of that tower that would service KB’s residence on the morning of Nov. 24, 2018. The tower is some distance from the PF residence and likely wouldn’t service his residence.
    • KK drove her friend, Megan’s 2012 VW Jetta with expired tabs to Colorado
    • KK sent Meghan a text message in the afternoon, asking if she could stay the night at her house because she had too much to drink. Meghan said the content of the message was false and was only meant to establish an alibi in case CL checked KK’s phone or called Meghan to see where KK was.
    November 24 or 25, 2018 - Saturday or Sunday
    • Police believe KK destroyed evidence on this date
    • Nov. 24 and or Nov. 25, 2018 - KK’s phone traveled back to Idaho on the 24th or 25th of November. KK’s phone was connected to the exact same tower an sectors in a remote area of the Colorado/Utah border on the morning of Nov. 25. KK’s phone was connected to the tower at approximately 4:13 a.m., 4:17 a.m. and 4:23 a.m. KB’s phone was connected to the tower at approximately 4:11 a.m. and 4:16 a.m.
    • KK lied to CL about her whereabouts on Nov 24 & 25. Initially she told him she was going to a birthday party at a friends house in Idaho, then told him she was going help her friend Megan move, also in Idaho.
    • Nov. 24 and or Nov. 25, 2018 - KB’s cellular phone likely traveled from CO via I 70 into Utah and I 15 through Salt Lake City into Idaho during the evening of Nov. 24 and/or the morning of Nov. 25.
    November 25, 2018 - Sunday
    • Text from KB’s phone to her employer
    • KB's phone pinged in Gooding, ID (5:13 pm)
    • PF received text from KB’s phone
    • Slater says, KB’s supervisor at Doss Aviation, Ron (no last name given) told CBI he got a text the evening of Nov. 25 that she wouldn’t be at work the next week as she was going out of town to visit her grandma. Slater says CB was unaware of any trip to Washington state, where her mom (KB’s grandma) lives. CB said that it was unusual to think KB would make that trip without communicating her intent. CB also indicated to Slater that it would be weird of Kelsey to leave without taking makeup, hair products, etc., because she was very conscious of her appearance
    • Adams says PF’s last contact with Kelsey was a text message from KB to PF that said, “do you even love me?” Adams says PF also indicated they spoke on the phone that day. PF says KB told him she was studying & would call him later.
    • Adams says he tracked KK’s phone movements once she was identified in the case. Early Nov. 25, it pinged off a tower near Grand Junction about a minute after KB’s did. Data indicated those phones were traveling together.
    • Adams says KB’s phone pinged off a tower near Grand Junction before hitting another near Salt Lake and a final ping near Gooding, Idaho
    • Nov. 25, 2018 - KK was in cell phone communication with PF on her return trip to Idaho, including shortly after the last activity of KB’s cell phone.
    • Nov. 25, 2018 - Meghan meets KK around 4:00 p.m. to swap vehicles back at theWalmart in Jerome, Idaho. (Jerome is about 20 miles from the last location of KB’s cell phone on Nov. 25.)
    • Nov. 25, 2018 - KK was in cell phone communication with PF on her return trip to Idaho, including shortly after the last activity of KB’s cell phone.
    • Nov. 25, 2018 - Last activity for KB’s phone at 5:13 p.m. approximately 6.38 W/Sw from a Verizon cell tower in Gooding, Idaho. That distance placed the phone at or near Malad Gorge State Park, which is supported by additional tower measurements from Verizon in the minutes leading up to that data point.
    December 2, 2018 - Sunday
    • KB's mom called PF on KB's whereabouts
    • 12:37 p.m. CB reported to the WPPD that she had not been able to communicate with KB in over a week and requested WPPD conduct a welfare check at her residence. Officers responded to KB’s residence in WP, CO and were unable to locate KB. Her Family reported that it would be highly unusual for her to leave without informing any of her friends or family. A missing person investigation was initiated.
    December. 3, 2018 - Monday
    • Commander Chris Adams with Woodland Park PD says he became involved in the investigation. During a morning briefing he learned WPPD took the missing persons case on Dec. 2. He says KB’s mother CB reported KB missing.
    • Adams says he forced entry on Dec. 3. He saw the Safeway receipt, but didn’t see any signs that this was a crime scene. No blood stains or sign of struggle. Not even signs of cleaning.
    • PF was contacted by Officer Beth Huber, though the phone call wasn’t recorded. Adams says PF told her he went to Kelsey’s home that day to exchange custody but she wasn’t there. He says he ran errands & then came back to exchange in the alley.
    • Slater says he learned of a conversation between PF & Doss Aviation’s HR director Jennifer Banks. That chat was procedure, based on KB’s disappearance. Banks told CBI her conversation with PF was on Dec. 3. PF told her KB dropped the baby off, said she didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. PF also reportedly told Banks that KB had drug & alcohol problems. Banks found that odd as no one she worked with pointed that out. Banks thought her fatigue derived from being a mom.
    December 4, 2018 - Tuesday
    • Gregg Slater (CBI Agent) was brought in on Dec. 4 at the request of Woodland Park Police to assist in the missing person investigation.
    • Slater says his role was to help WPPD locate KB. He says he & Agent Kevin Torres responded on Dec. 4. He says law enforcement used Facebook, the media & other avenues to try and find KB.
    • Slater says they were unable to find credible info that KB was seen since Nov. 22. He says he went to KB’s home on the late evening of Dec. 4 after speaking with KB’s parents at WPPD.
    • Agent Slater says he went to KB’s home on December 4 after speaking with KB’s mother. He met up with the crime scene tech agent and a cadaver dog. Slater says the dog alerted on the driver’s rear bumper area of KB’s 2006 green Toyota Corolla. Didn’t hit anywhere else on those vehicles. It was parked in the space right in front of her door. Slater says there was no sign that the vehicles in front of Kelsey's townhouse had been moved. He recalls snow and ice on the driveway.
    • WPPD talked to PF, but was never formally interviewed after the initial phone conversation with police on Dec. 2.
    • Adams went back with CBI analysts on Dec. 4. He says he didn’t notice anything different. He was in & out for CBI’s crime analysis. They didn’t discover anything to see it as a crime scene. They did use cadaver dogs that day.
    • Adams says the dog hit on the ground near KB’s 2006 green Toyota Corolla on Dec. 4. It was parked in the space right in front of her door.
    • Adams says the KB’s parents arrived at KB’s on either the 4th or 5th
    • Defense says KB’s parents stayed at KB’s townhome between Dec. 3-6. Not necessarily overnight everyday.
    • They recovered PF’s phone. PF said he wanted to speak with an attorney before talking to law enforcement, Slater says phone records played a big role in the investigation.
    • Slater says agents tried to find out what happened to KB and in doing so, found PF. They called him. PF said he was running errands with his brother, Sean in Colorado Springs. They waited & then met him at the Five Guys in Colorado Springs. Sean was with him.
    • KK told CL she could not find her cell phone and asked him to take her to town to purchase a new one, which was ultimately a Samsung device.
    • Investigators seized PF’s cell phone
    December 5, 2018 - Wednesday
    • Adams says the Berreths arrived at KB’s on either the 4th or 5th.
    December 6, 2018 - Thursday
    • Adams says he was first alerted there may be blood inside KB’s townhome on the morning of Dec. 6. Adams admits that was missed on Dec. 3-4 and was missed by dogs too.
    • Dec 6 was the first time detectives reported finding blood in the townhome. KBs parents were the ones to tip investigators off about the blood. They were in the house on Dec 4th.
    • KB’s parents texted Slater on Dec. 6 - they believed they found blood in her bathroom & believed there were signs of cleaning up. Slater mentioned blood on a television. CB said a mat for the bathroom was missing and that it looked like things had been cleaned up and moved. They sent pictures of blood in the bathroom as well as possible blood on the door knob.
    • Stiegerwald notes that blood was found at KB’s home by her mom and/or her brother as late on Dec 6. Long after cadaver dogs and police investigated.
    • CB sent photos to Slater. A photo of the bottom part of the toilet bowl shows suspected blood. Second photo shows fridge in the townhome that appears to have white marks. Third photo is a doorknob with suspected blood spots on it.
    • CBI and WPPD went back into KB’s home on Dec. 6 after receiving those photos. Slater says he saw the suspected blood in the toilet. CBI did a field test on it, which was presumptively positive for blood. It also tested positive on the electrical outlet near the bathroom sink.
    • Slater says CBI also collected buckle swabs of C & C Berreth. They also took a toothbrush, mouth guard and bottle nipple. They got positive DNA for KB from those items.
    • Agent Slater says when he looked in the toilet he saw what appeared to be suspected blood in KB’s bathroom . Toilet, bath tub, trash can, parts of floor, opposing wall, vanity, bathroom door hinges, and electrical outlet he said all tested positive for blood.
    • Slater says the blood found does match KB’s DNA profile.
    • They concluded she may have been killed in the bathroom.
    • DNA of another male was found in KB’s sink. Tests revealed it wasn’t that of PF.
    • Slater says luminal was used on at KB’s hardwood floors at her townhome on Dec. 6 to find DNA, but it didn’t react. They (CBI) later tore out some of the hardwood floor in the living room.
    • Investigators did luminal tests on Dec. 6 at KB 's apartment and found KB’s blood DNA profile all over the bathroom including on the toilet, trash can, floor, wall and door hinges. Prosecution asked, “Is it fair to say KB met with foul play?” Slater said, “Yes.”
    • They also used Blue Star, a chemical that reacts with blood that can’t be seen to the naked eye, Slater said. Areas of the bathroom tested positive in that test, including the toilet, exterior of bath tub, bottom of trash can, floor, wall opposite of toilet, vanity, hinges.
    December 10, 2018 - Monday
    • Press Conference
    Woodland Park Police Department
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