CO CO - Larimer County, Human remains found on rural farm near Loveland, 17 Nov 2018

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    The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office said around 2:30 p.m. Saturday, deputies received a report of a “deceased party” on the 7900 block of East Highway 34 east of Loveland.

    Residents of a farm found what was believed to be the remains of an unknown person on their property.

    Human remains found on Larimer County farm; authorities investigating
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    Body found near Loveland: Coroner says death not suspicious

    [Coroner's Office investigator Janet Probst said the body found in the 7900 block of East U.S. 34 was "a couple months" deceased. She said as of Monday morning, there is nothing suspicious about the state of remains and no sign of homicide.]

    COD and identity to be released after kin notified.

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