CO - Nicholas Dolce, 46, Trinidad, 2 Sept 1986

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    Saw this on NAMUS: Nicholas Joseph Dolce was just added on April 22, 2015. He is wanted as a suspect in his mother Rebecca Bates homicide on May 2, 1986. He uses multiple aliases that are listed on NAMUS. He was last seen on Sept. 2, 1986.

    NAMUS link:

    Porchlight Link:

    Height 66-69 inches, current age 64 years. Brown eyes, Brown hair-photos at NAMUS link.

    Aliases: Nick Dolce; Richard Jake Dankert; Edward D Bear; Nick Dolsi; Ed Valica; Edward Valica; Marty Whitehorse; Eli Velasquez; Nick Sanchez; John McGregor; Amos A Maes; Nicholas Dulce; Edward Dale Valicia

    left or right "pinky" finger has untreated break and is shorter than other pinky finger

    scar on buttocks (burn), scar on left or right knee (possible GSW), scar above right eye

    According to the Porchlight link, Dolce cross-dresses as a woman, plucks his eyebrows, and dyes his hair black. He is known to use drugs and alcohol.

    dental and FP are available. DNA sample currently not available.
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