GUILTY CO - Paige Birgfeld, 34, Grand Junction, 28 June 2007

Nothing new, just thought I would post it, does have the history on the case though, Paige where are you girl :(

Arizona Investigators Renew Search for Paige Birgfeld
May 05, 2011

Police in Colorado have resumed the search for Paige Birgfeld, a 34-year-old mother of three from Grand Junction, who was reported missing nearly four years ago.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Department, the renewed search is a result of new developments in the case but they have declined to elaborate further.

Birgfeld's father, Frank Birgfeld, told The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel that he is "encouraged" by the latest developments.

"While we've heard this is an active investigation, this is the first tangible activity we’ve seen," Birgfeld told the Sentinel. "They're getting out of the office, which is something unique for this case."
Bumping for Paige....pity to see that she still hasn't been found. Prayers for her and her loved ones. Any updates that anyone is aware of?
I havent seen any updates and I am local to the case, last I had heard they had some lab tests that came back and then nothing again.
I still think Lester Ralph Jones is their guy. That man knows this area like the back of his hand along with other surrounding counties, she could be anywhere :(
I'm thinking she is somewhere closer to Delta County then Mesa after doing a little research on Ralph, he is from that county orginally.
IMHO Also being from the area,I would note that there isn't evidence to charge or arrest Mr. Jones. And there were a lot of men listed in her little black book with knowledge of the area enough to make her disappear. Personally, I'm still thinking about the proximity to I-70 and the trucking business (Several cases of women being killed by truckers who turn out to be serial killers.) Just Saying....
The last call recieved on her phone was a call from Ralph. They were able to determine it was him from surv. video obtained from Walmart showing him buying the disposable phone I believe the same day she disappeared.
I havent seen any updates and I am local to the case, last I had heard they had some lab tests that came back and then nothing again.
I still think Lester Ralph Jones is their guy. That man knows this area like the back of his hand along with other surrounding counties, she could be anywhere :(
I'm thinking she is somewhere closer to Delta County then Mesa after doing a little research on Ralph, he is from that county orginally.

Thanks for what little update you have. This was local for me when it happened as I was living in GJ. I remember my sis-in-law and I were on our way down to Gateway one day for an interview at the school for her and we saw a truck off on one of the dirt roads. We both thought of Paige immediately.

There is alot of territory between GJ and Delta. She could be anywhere in those canyons and might never be found. My hubby and I looked at lots of land in and around Whitewater and Delta for a place to live. Hubby at one time worked for the Delta PD so we were looking to move closer. We have also hunted elk up on the Uncompahgre Plateau. Many places to hide.
I just want to post this as it is just developing, this could be Paige, I'll keep my fingers crossed and say some prayers tonight, she needs to be found ....


Hikers discover possible human skeletal remains in Delta County

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) - Tuesday afternoon, two hikers came across what investigators believe are human remains in Delta County.

According to the Delta County Sheriff, the remains were found near the Wells Gulch area about a mile from Highway 50
Skeletal Remains Found North of Delta
by Matt Kroschel

Story Created: Mar 6, 2012 at 7:49 PM MST

DELTA COUNTY, Colo. - Authorities in Delta county confirm skeleton remains were discovered by hikers Tuesday afternoon north of Delta.

Mesa County officials and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation are assisting in the investigation.
Remains found in Delta Co. tentatively identified as missing woman

DELTA, Colo. – Human remains found north of Delta have been tentatively identified as Paige Birgfeld, a 34-year-old Grand Junction mother of three who disappeared 2007.

The remains, described as a full skeleton, and other personal items were discovered Tuesday in a dry creek bed near the Mesa.
Remains of missing Mesa County mother Paige Birgfeld found in Delta County

Frank Birgfeld of Centennial has searched for the body of his 34-year-old daughter on the Western Slope for four and a half years, but the news today that her remains were found by a hiker in a creek bed in Delta County brought cold comfort.

"I don't know about closure," he said on his cell phone has he neared Grand Junction this afternoon, on his way to talk to investigators. "I think of my daughter at least three or four times a day every day. The fact that we found out where she is, I don't know that this is going to change that.

"Whatever closure is, damned if I know."
Skeletal Remains Of Missing Mother Found
Paige Birgfeld Had Been Missing Since 2007

DELTA, Colo. -- The skeletal remains of 34-year-old Paige Meredith Birgfeld have been found just south of the Mesa County line by hikers.

Birgfeld had been missing since June 28, 2007. Her 2005 Ford Focus was found burning on July 1, 2007, in a parking lot in Grand Junction. Investigators said the fire was intentionally set.

After she died, investigators said they found the single mother of three led a double life, running an escort service by night and who sold Pampered Chef and other products in a home-based business. Mesa County investigators have been looking for her since her disappearance and her case was classified as a homicide.

I'm so glad she has been found, it has been way to long. May your family and friends find some peace and closure today, and the person responsible for such horrid acts be locked up for the rest of their life ....

RIP Paige you are truly missed :rose:
Oh my...I had not seen this...I too am very glad she has finally been what, I wonder...?
It's a relief they finally found her - now I hope that their investigation can locate the perp ..... whoever that may be.
Oh wow... when I saw Found next to her name I thought I was losing it.
Almost five years... there is still hope in other cases... that they will be found at some point.
Well this should be interesting to see just how much the Mesa County SO has on their prime suspect Lester Ralph Jones. I believe his home was searched twice so hopefully there will be something found with Paige that will tie him to her further.

When they found her car on fire they brought in some dogs and the dogs track right to Lester place of work at a garage close to the car. LE also found video footage of him purchasing a track phone from Walmart the day Paige disapeared, he placed a call to her and she left her home around 10:00 pm that night after that call and was never seen again.

They have been extremly quiet in regards to letting to many details out about this case. I will give any updates as the news come's out here locally.

I'm pretty sure he is still around here so I hope they are watching him closely right now, he is a dangerous person ....
Here is an old article when they named Ralph a person of interest...

MCSO: Lester Ralph Jones is a "Person of Interest"


On Wednesday, agents with the CBI and Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies searched a Fruitvale home for the second time since her disappearance.

Jones was arrested on a Domestic Violence case in 1999. Jones previously plead guilty to assault with a deadly weapon, violent crime where a weapon was used, and kidnapping. He spent time in prison from 1999 to 2001 with the Colorado Department of Corrections. He was released into a work release program in Mesa County. For less than a year Jones was under intensive supervised parole and then went under regular parole in 2003. Jones completed his parole in 2005
Wow! I just read about the finding of these remains this morning and all I could think of was Susan Powell.

I'm glad Paige has finally been found. May her murderer be brought to justice and may she finally rest in peace.
LOL.... The media has parked their bum right in front of Lester's house, they are stalking him.... Not much of an update then what had been reported earlier, but they broke in with breaking news to say that one of Paige's friend's showed up at Lester's house and was knocking on the door repeatedly .....

Guess LE wont have to worry where he is, the media is on him like flies on you know what.....
I was checking WS via my phone last night in bed, right before going to sleep like I always do. I did a double take when I saw the "found" next to the title of this thread. For a minute I wondered if had fallen asleep and was dreaming.

I am so glad they found her remains. With the details of the way she went missing, there is always that small feeling that she could be suffering a fate worse than death (torture, trafficking). I am glad her family can put that fear to rest. I am not sure how you go on after this, but at least there is that.

Paige being found gives me a renewed hope that other missing can be found, even though it has been so long. Susan, Haleigh, Tara, Jennifer, Holly, Lauren, and every missing person I pray your families get you back one way or another.

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