Found Deceased CO - Shanann Watts (34), Celeste"Cece" (3) and Bella (4), Frederick, 13 Aug 2018 *Arrest* #5

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Jan 3, 2014
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He is a DEMON! He HATED her. She outshone him. She tried to make him shine, tried to boost his self esteem and FIX him. But no matter you much you polish, you can't make something that has no luster to shine. He had no shine, no light, no soul. The death by miscarriage is most telling of all to me. I am thinking he stomped her and ruptured her uterus causing her to bleed to death internally, He wanted her to feel the physical and emotional pain of him killing this child. Then he tries to pin it on her and say he rejected her and she could not stand that. She could not live without him. Finally, he has surpassed her in his mind. Everything awful that we speculated, he did and MORE with the forced miscarriage. This man is Satan in the flesh. EVIL! Loathsome!

Wasn't actually a forced miscarriage/abortion. Read several pages of discussing this and you'll understand. But, I agree with everything else you said!!


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Dec 16, 2013
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I agree. I haven't seen a monitor like that.

FWIW, when our son died he didn't turn blue right away. He was pale with a bluish tint on his lips, but he didn't turn blue-blue until lividity set in, about 20 minutes later. Even then it was splotchy blue/purple, not like Smurf blue.

OT: I can think about his death in a technical way and be okay, but when I think about HIM, as in memories of him being alive, it is almost unbearable. Tomorrow is the 8th anniversary of his death.

I'm so sorry for your loss!


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Mar 11, 2009
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I hope he doesn't manage to fool the jury like he fooled me. The sob looks so meek. God. Rot.

i am not very perceptive but he did not fool me for one moment: when he was being interviewed he was actually laughing saying something like he hopes they come home. He was so casual, so seemingly unconcerned, i just knew he did something to them. Now the turd is calling his deceased wife a murderer. He is a horrible monster. I can only hope a jury doesn't buy his BS


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Dec 20, 2015
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I can’t believe I ever thought this arrogant monstrous might take a plea or harm himself.

After he was arrested I played the video interview for my husband with zero backstory and asked his opinion as he’s pretty intuitive. He instantly said, “he did it and I bet he has a girlfriend.” That part doesn’t shock me. The affair was unfortunately a given, he clearly wanted total freedom for a reason.

But to blame her for murdering her own children? While pregnant?! I’m just sickened, literally nauseous. I have a lump in my throat for that poor, poor woman and the horror she suffered. I thought he might use the rage/Thrive as a defense for himself... but now? He puts Scott Peterson’s and the rest to shame. Most hated man in America indeed.

I’d like to know if his dad or his family buys into this BS and how they truly feel.
I’d like to know why he threw his babies in an oil tank if he supposedly knew he could need dna to “prove” his “innocence” all along instead of making up the story after the fact.
I’d like to know how he can explain Shanann strangling her children in a rage, but that same rage wasn’t enough for him to have a mark on him when he murdered her in the resulting struggle.
I’d like to know on what planet he thinks that, upon hearing he was having an affair and wanting to separate, it’s believable that his wife would go strangle his children yet not have instantly launched herself at him. That is, IF she were to be violent with anyone while barely 4 months pregnant.
I want to know why he would have cared more about killing his wife than saving his children.
I want to know the girlfriend’s take on this. I’ll refrain from saying more about her at this point.
I’d like to know how a defense attorney can detach enough to try to get this guy off.
I hope the death penalty is an option.
I wish they would loop repeat audio and videos of his wife and daughters in his cold dark cell.

I’m so sorry to and for her family. Slap after slap, insult after insult after horror after horror. Gut wrenching.
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Feb 25, 2017
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OMG, I had a feeling he was going to try out the Longo defense. And I knew there just had to be a side piece . I knew it. Dude, all you had to do? Walk away.

Exactly. All he had to do was walk away and him and his mistress could live happily ever after.

It's just so astonishing to me that instead of simply choosing to leave a relationship these FAs choose instead to kill the wife and children. As much as I've read the great links posted about it this week on here I still just can't understand it. Why would you not just seperate if you want to date someone else? How does this even cross your mind as an option?


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Apr 14, 2018
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IMO, it's odd that CW would consent to LE taking SW cellphone on 8/13/18 and not request cellphone back so early on in a missing person report. To me that would be a red flag and appear to LE that CW may not think SW would not be in need of her cell again. IMO, it would be reasonable for CW to let LE inspect it at the house, but it's just odd CW consented to having LE taking cellphone, especially since CW was not charged until Wednesday night?


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Jul 3, 2013
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And the one she strangled is blue. Meaning still alive. The other is being strangled. he doesn't try to save them?

this is where that story crumbles .. not believable at all .. if you find your kid like that your immediate instinct is to try to help them and try to keep them alive .. your mind shifts to focus on them at that moment .. not abandon them to go attack someone else


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Feb 25, 2017
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Cnn article states that they matched the sheet they found using the drone with the sheets they found in the trash at their home. I’m so thankful her friend called LE as fast as she did.

Yeah, this was an interesting part of the affidavit and it was before he confessed so they had him anyway. At this point he was probably desparately trying to come up with some explanation.

He told them his work site, did he really think they wouldn't check it?


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Nov 15, 2007
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I know i know

gonna get a lot of cr@p

Do not abandon a exhausted severe borderline

do not do it

do not tell a borderline that you are in love with someone else

been having sex

do not do it

borderline is totally about abandonment

sorry guys it is congruent with his emotional report

for him it was not an affair

he found someone who does not rag on him

that he could never pls

that put him down endlessly

and you are gonna leave me

abandon me

i will take away the thing that you love

i know i know i am in trouble here

do not abandon a severe borderline

they will torment you

kill you

kill things you love


in movie he had a one night screw she borderline

in her emotional state

she felt abandoned and betrayed

only thing she could do

was take away stuff he loved

doing her insta stuff

borderline histrionic personality disorder screamed out at me after hours of watching her fantasy bond unravel before my eyes

the one where she described everyone she knew abandoning her cause she had lupus ( allegedly _

people dont abdonon people who are really sick

those people knew theu were being maniplated

they stepped aside

borderline coming off of abonment will latch on to anything


she had to ilozie him to keep him near her

it was her only hope not to abandoned again

that night he abandoned her

grave danger

I had it flipped until this am

that is why i posted borderline stuff earlier

100 sec clip of what can happen when a borderline finally realizes that you ARE going

it triggers childhood hurt

if you have not seen Fatal Attraction - best borderline portrayal -- it is scary

worked with a lot of borderlines

I enjoyed working with them after a couple of years

it ist wounding from childhood

i know i am in trouble

everyone wants the male to be the bad guy

it is what it is !!

So your saying you believe his story?
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