CO CO - Sharon Copp, 34, Pueblo, 16 Aug 1976

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    Sharon Marie Copp, 34
    Body found: Parts found at Pueblo reservoir, others in a Pueblo alley
    Agency: Pueblo Police Department
    Date killed: Aug. 16, 1976
    Cause of death: Skull fractures
    Suspect: Ex-husband Donald Copp, who is now deceased

    Over the 32 years since the murder, several people have been considered suspects, including prolific serial killers Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Elwood Toole, as well as Richard Turner, who killed five members of a Penrose family while on work-release from prison...

    A few years ago, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation performed DNA tests on undisclosed evidence found at the scene, but they did not point to a suspect, Bowman said.

    Several of these cases have been discussed over the years.

    There is a possibility, though only speculating, that perhaps two of them, could be connected to each other, committed by the same person, if they checked the DNA they were able to collect from any of the scenes, and compare with each other. It may not lead to a suspect, if there DNA is not currently on record, but it would at least connect them together, and tell us a serial killer at the time, was responsible for at least two of them.

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