Found Deceased CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, Chaffee Co, 10 May 2020 *Case dismissed w/o prejudice* #107

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My heart has been pounding so hard in my chest since the news broke of finding her remains. THANK GOD she has been found!! I am so very hopeful justice will finally be served for Suzanne.

Then I look at this picture of this man and their daughters and all I can do is hope and pray that they escape him and his filthy lies that colored their world. I wish the very best for Suzanne's beautiful girls and I hope they see the truth and can finally accept that their father murdered their beautiful mother....who did her very best to shield and protect them from HIM!!
Oh and a random stranger abduction/murder would typically NOT involve staging a bike and the helmet going in the opposite direction of the way he was taking her. Why would a stranger need to do that? They aren't known to anyone.. why stage anything.
Random abductor/murderers typically do not go to great lengths to hide bodies, either. Often, they leave them where they killed them. JMHO.
So um, how do we think that civil suit is doing right about now?

Also still cackling that supposedly Iris found out the news from marc sallinger (media) calling her and not Barry.

Given BM's filed Complaint was 185 pages, they were probably getting very excited about now to begin receiving and digesting the answers to their absurd allegations from I think, the count is about 25 defendants!

For the sake of efficiency, an ORDER was issued on 9/5/23, resetting the extended deadlines for responsive pleadings for ALL DEFENDANTS to 10/13/23.

In other words, the fun was just beginning for BM and his defense team and I can't think of a better day for SM to reveal herself than today.

A scheduling conference was also reset by the Court for 10/26/13 at 10 AM and it will be interesting to see whether or not the date is revised.

I'm embarrassed at how much pleasure I derived over Iris finding out Suzanne was located by a reporter and not BM or one of the daughters! :D

Have you ever driven Colorado mountain roads? They're slower than flatland.

And hand digging a grave in rocky soil will take much more than 20 minutes.

Just a counterpoint.
I lived in Salida and have taken that route through Moffat to get to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. Once you get over Poncha Pass outside of Salida, you're in a valley and it's a straight flat shot. No traffic, especially that time of night. Takes no time.


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