CO - 'That's a lot of time,' rape suspect says

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    The man suspected of raping a woman at the Vail parking structure in March faces 13 criminal charges including three counts of sexual assault.

    If convicted of at least some of the charges, Jonathan Edward Schut, 25, of Eagle, could face life in prison, said District Attorney Mark Hurlbert.

    Schut is accused of raping a 29-year-old Denver woman in the Vail parking garage and attacking another girl in her Eagle home. In addition, he's charged with possessing the drug Ecstasy.

    Prosecutors have filed three criminal cases against him. In the case of the Denver woman allegedly raped on March 12 in her car, Schut faces eight charges: Three counts of sexual assault, robbery, felony menacing, trespass and two counts of assault.

    For allegedly attempting to sexually attack a woman at her home in Eagle March 18, Schut faces the following charges: Attempted sexual assault, burglary, trespassing and assault.

    The third case is for possession of drugs - Schut was found with one gram or less of Ecstasy on March 14, police said. All the charges but three are felonies.
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