Coke in a Pepsi machine

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    Coke in a Pepsi machine

    YOU CAN get coke from a Pepsi machine, a worker discovered after stumbling across a 2-kilo package of drugs hidden in the pop dispenser. "If that machine wasn't broken, business would have been as normal," Police Det.-Const. Andy May said.

    "Usually (we seize) small amounts of stash that dealers leave around where they're working, but nothing anywhere near this.

    "Two kilos is a huge find."

    The contractor sent to fix the dispenser at the Airport Holiday Inn, 600 Dixon Rd., discovered the drugs Tuesday in two parcels stuffed in a cavity at the back where the compressor is located.

    May said getting at the hole required moving the hefty piece of equipment away from the wall.

    "We suspect it was placed there because somebody got spooked (but) it could be it was left there for somebody to pick up," May said.

    "It was obviously placed there for ... safekeeping. It wasn't very safe ... was it?"

    The coke is worth an estimated $500,000 and was packaged "like a parcel the post office would be delivering," he said.
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