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    Yes , I am a collector. Have been for years. Also please note that my Mom & Dad are Gone. So is my grandparents, and my step dad. So among my own stuff...I am also downsizing here. I do NOT do Ebay but I do do some Garage Sales here when the weather gets nice. So just thought I would throw this out to you. Any collectors out there looking for something? I have a bit of this to that such as:

    • Art Glass, hand made, vintage
    • Pottery, vintage, lots
    • Automotive 1950's Clock, mint
    • Coke Items
    • Wood items, tramp art, folk Art
    • Oil/Gas items some
    • Some items from the late 1800's
    • Cast Iron, some
    • Retro item
    • Mid Modern

    .....Oh a little bit of everything. Just ask, I might have something....

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