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Collection of Anthony Family Home Videos

Discussion in 'Photo and Images Threads' started by patcorn, May 29, 2010.

  1. patcorn

    patcorn New Member

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    Just thinking it would be nice to have all the known A family home videos in one place to watch and maybe look for clues in these. Sorry if this is already started. I searched but didn't see any threads on this. Here are some i found online.
    Please add any you see that are not here.

    Strange Breakfast With Caylee

    Caylee with Grandpa

    Caylee Dancing to TV

    Caylee Coloring

    Caylee on Porch

    Caylee's First steps First Birthday

    Caylee Birthday, Christmas, other moments

    Caylee playing in KC's room

    Caylee Dancing in Tutu

    KC and Caylee playing

    Caylee with Grandpa
  2. zoey

    zoey Well-Known Member

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    gotta question.....Is there anyway possible to view these without YouTube? I have a husband who thinks its bad....:)furious::banghead:)????I would love to see these but can't.......:banghead::steamed::idea::waitasec:

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