GA Columbus woman continues to press law enforcement on growing missing person cases

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    COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It is stories like those Ebony Giddens, Erin Collier, and Thomas “TJ” Nigro, all missing from the city of Columbus, that are sparking a trio of local women to take action.

    The growing number of missing teens and adults a growing concern among area advocates.

    “It’s very, very alarming,” spoke Christina Whitaker.

    Christina Whitaker, one of the originators of the “Help for Missing of Columbus and Phenix City” Facebook page says this initiative hits especially close to home.

    Her ex-husband, Paul Akins, has been missing for six years, with still little to no developments in his case.

    Whitaker believes his case and others simply do not get enough attention.

    “It would be ideal if the Columbus had a department specifically for missing people. Right now it’s split up between Juvenile Services and Special Victims. It’s getting lots of eyes looked at, but going through so many, and not staying with any,” said Whitaker.

    Within the last couple years, the Special Victims Unit of Columbus Police Department has since formed a team to investigate.

    The team is called “Operation Find Us,” and highlights cases which have not received any attention in the community from 2 to 30 years.

    But Whitaker says what’s even more alarming are the numbers of missing people.

    She says she will continue to press the issue, hoping for change and closure, not just for her family, but for the many others in Columbus and surrounding areas.

    “You can help through social media. Share the posts, share their pages, share their faces. Just help the community. That’s all we ask. Just help one another,” said Whitaker.

    Their Facebook page, “Help for Missing of Columbus and Phenix City,” has more than 900 likes, and is even responsible for group search efforts.

    Columbus woman continues to press law enforcement on growing missing person cases

    video at link...
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