Computer Microphone Problems~help??

Discussion in 'Forum Finesse' started by ariel7, May 31, 2005.

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    Hello Guys & Gals,

    I just bought myself a mic for use with IM'ng sometimes.
    Last night I played with the thing for over an hour...using
    the sound recorder on my PC. This morn it worked for
    IM (lol :blushing: feels VERY funny to sit in an empty
    room and talk)... Well, when dd woke up, I was gonna
    let her record her voice some, so I went to sound
    recorder and got an error message~ your audio hardware
    cannot record into files like the current file. To record,
    create a new document.

    I tried clicking on "new" under files on the sound recorder
    window...but that does not help.

    Can anyone help me with this???

    Oh, I am fairly computer illiterate (obviously;)).

    Thanks so much,

    Ariel :blowkiss:
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  3. Eagle1

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    Maybe you've gotta save what you did last night to disk and start over, if you can remember what you did to get as far as you did? You're using Record Now and your CD or DVD burner? Do you have a sound card and the built-in mic disabled? If it's any comfort to you, I had the very same problem, couldn't seem to add to one short trial clip a friend and her daughter recorded. I finally gave up. Hope someone comes along here who knows more about it.

    I bought a couple of kinds of mics, one that goes on a stand in case you want to record an instrument and singing, but maybe it will only accept one voice, not an ensemble, finally put them away until somebody comes over who wants to record. Hoped it would be my grandkids from out of state and their band and orchestra instruments. I do use a notation program successfully and get it to play back what I've written and saved, arrangements of classical music, for string quartet, reduced from orchestra conductor's score, for instance.
  4. ariel7

    ariel7 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

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    Thank you Eagle,

    it seems to be working again!:)
    And I have been saving things all morn; the kids
    are having a grand and silly time with me on our
    new toy.:D

    Wow, Eagle! I love your knowledge of music!!!
    Wish I had but a fraction of it.:)

    Did I not read on the Evolution thread that you
    enjoy Handel's Messiah? I cannot recall for sure..
    I LOVE Messiah!!! In fact, I may play it here in
    a little bit now that I think of it.
    My fave from it is He Trusted in God....
    POWERFUL words.

    love ya!!


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