Condom maker gives out penis-measuring cards

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    Fortunately... I married a Bull :dance:


    A Czech condom manufacturer has been distributing penis-measuring postcards in thousands of pubs and clubs.
    The cards issued by Pepino condom company have a centimetre scale to measure length and four openings to measure girth, according to Czech daily Lidove Noviny.

    They carry the slogan "Be a man, measure yourself. It's worth it," and award points for length and girth. It encourages men to add up their total to see how they measure up and which group they belong to.

    The lowest category is 'primates', followed by 'jackals', 'boars', and 'bulls' at the top.

    The company wants the target audience of 15-30-year-old men to send text messages with their details. They'll then be entered into a prize draw.

    Josef Vybranec, head of Pepino's parent company Olza Trading, told the paper the campaign had been a huge success.

    "Several thousand text messages have arrived in the first week. So far, the measurements put most of the men in the 'boar' category," he said.

    The company is printing a million of the cards and plans to distribute them in magazines also.

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    I wonder what the gap is going to be between what we men think we are and between what our partners say we are.
    Now where is the text for raging bull I have to send it before Mrs Hugh sends "Insect"

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