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    A few months ago several posts were published concerning the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). As passed by Congress, the law now regulates the sale and resale of children's clothing at thrift stores and places needless restrictions on the manufacturing and selling of youth all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles. Books, stuffed toys, etc. are also included in this law. Everything would need to be tested (high expense), which would likely put thrift stores, even the sale of children's clothing at Goodwill, out of business.

    I contacted my Representative, John Kline. He has cosponsored H.R. Bill 968, which would:

    Delay implementation of the regulations for six months;

    Allow small manufacturers to use the testing and certification that their component suppliers have done to certify components do not contain an impressible amount of lead;

    Exempt thrift stores, yard sales, consignment shops, and other re-sellers from the prohibitions in CPSIA;

    Allow a good-faith exemption for small manufacturers who show an error in compliance was made in good-faith; and

    Require the CPSC to provide compliance guides so small businesses can better understand the extremely technical new regulations.

    May I suggest that if you purchase used children's clothing (don't we all) at either thrift stores or garage sales, etc. that you contact your Congressman to request voting for this bill.
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