Cops/midwives deliver baby in patrol vehicle

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    Kudos to two of our Phillies Phinest who wound up ushering in a little miracle in the back of their patrol vehicle.

    Officer Sean McCaffery and his partner Officer Charles Mellon started out their shift in the 25th District business as usual. They were called to a domestic disturbance which they quited down. As the drove a block or so they were flagged down by someone and they ran to the vehicle. Inside was a woman ready to give birth and it didn't look like she was going to make it to the hospital.

    The Officers helped the owman to their vehicle and with lights flashing went the couple of blocks to Temple Hospital. When Officer Mellon got out of the car at the hospital he saw the bulge in the woman's pants. He asked his partner if he had a knife and McCaffery gave him a small pocket knife.

    The baby girl literrally shot out onto the seat. The Officers became worried when the baby girl didn't make any noise as a quick paramedic came racing to the car. He cut the cord and the little girl began to cry.

    "I've been on the force 12 years McCaffery said and my partner 8 and we have NEVER seen anything like that. I might as well retire RIGHT NOW".:D

    These cops are out of the 25th which is a extremely dangerous, dangerous precinct to be in. Every single day they see things we couldn't imagine, but it took birthing a baby for the one to say he might as well retire.:clap::clap: Thank you Officers.

    BTW, photos of the two Officers at link. I am soooooooo old. I looked and thought veteran? 12 and 8 years respectively? They look so youthful.
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