Cops seek man who had sex with pit bull-boxer mix

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    Police are searching for an Elburn man charged with molesting a pit bull-boxer mix.

    A warrant was issued for Daniel J. Joyner, 27, of 40W019 Hughes Road in Elburn Thursday after a 2 1/2-week investigation into complaints from the dog's owner, a Geneva woman, that Joyner injured the animal in June after having sex with it in Geneva.
    Joyner is 6 foot 4 inches tall, 200 pound with brown hair and blue eyes.

    Joyner faces felony charges of engaging in sexual conduct with an animal and criminal damage to property. He could face up to nine years in prison and $75,000 but is also eligible for probation.

    The dog has recovered and is back with its owner, said Debra Bree, assistant Kane County state's attorney.

    Sexual abuse of animals has dropped off in recent years, although more people are reporting animal neglect and cruelty, Bree said.
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