Coronation St star cleared on teen rape, assaults

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    Coronation Street ('Corrie') star Bill Roache has today (Feb 6) been cleared of raping a 15 year old and sexually assaulting four teens in the 60s and 70s. Coronation Street is a popular english soap opera that launched in 1960 and Roache is the only original member of the cast remaining.

    The town of Haslingden was mentioned in this case, which also featured in the case of Peter Adamson, below.

    Roache once sued The Sun newspaper which called him boring.

    Another Corrie actor, Michael Le Vell, was cleared of child sex abuse charges in September 2013

    Another former Corrie actor, Andrew Lancel, was cleared of child sex charges in June 2013

    Another Corrie actor, Peter Adamson, was cleared of sexually abusing two eight year olds in 1983.

    Police have not said any of the cases are related.
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    I hear he's coming back to Corrie. I haven't missed him. Used to like him years ago but I find his character annoying now.

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