Could it be her brother?

Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by m_redesdale60, Jul 18, 2019.


Who do you think did it? Family or Stranger?

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    Oh, yes he did, until the parents admitted, yes he was awake during the 911 call. Saying JonBenet walked into the house only questions a particular detail, not the whole version of events, anyway he would have developed ramnesia on the stand.

    Of course, it was all scripted, except Burked messed it up with his dumb one liners about JonBenet flaunting and his excessive grinning to the camera, did anyone miss that?

    You see Burke Ramsey, now as a grown man thinks everyone else will get what he means when he said Jonbenet was flaunting herself, that is his mindset, for me its a giveaway, a peek into his psyche.

    Well they shared bedrooms, she was found wearing his longjohns, allegedly his fecally soiled pajama bottoms were found on her bedroom floor, same room that contained the candybox that had fecal matter on it. Maybe she did tattle, that might explain why they were both in therapy, and why the parents were hit with child abuse counts by the Grand Jury?

    Ya, Burke said she flaunted herself in public.

    Sure, but what came first the head blow or the asphyxiation. Neither of the parents would think they needed to whack JonBenet to silence her, only a kid would think like that, e.g. Burke Ramsey.

    All the standard theories point to the case being JDI, as he found JonBenet, yet the evidence for BDI is more compelling than that for JDI, only Burke's age saves him from it being a slam dunk case.

    We will find out eventually, as the drip feed of case evidence peels away the possibilities.

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