Couple demands halt to neighbor's smoking

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    Couple demands halt to neighbor's smoking - Restraining order sought over nuisance to health

    By Phil Trexler
    Beacon Journal staff writer

    Robert Zangrando has had it up to his chest, nose and eyes with his neighbor's smoking and he's taking her to court to get her to quit.

    Zangrando, a retired University of Akron history professor who lives in Stow, was in Summit County court Thursday with his wife and lawyer.

    Together they are seeking a restraining order against his next-door neighbor, Nicole Kuder, 28, that would prohibit her from smoking outdoors within 30 feet of her condominium.

    Zangrando, 71, and his wife, UA instructor Lisa A. Pace, contend the smoking affects their health and has become a nuisance.
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    Sounds like this guy is a crotchety old man! I don't smoke but this is silly. What does he want her to do, walk a block away and then smoke?

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