Couple joins Mile High Club hall of fame

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    250 cheer loo sex couple


    A RANDY couple on a holiday jet were cheered by 250 passengers — when they were exposed bonking in the loo.

    The lovers sneaked into a tiny cubicle during a four-hour flight home from Tenerife.

    When the 757’s cabin crew noticed it had been engaged for more than 15 minutes, a steward went to investigate.

    After hearing grunts and groans through the door, he decided to unlock it from the outside — and revealed the naked couple in mid-romp.

    One passenger by the loo said: “There was a woman facing the wall and her companion standing behind with his trousers round his ankles.

    “When they realised someone had opened the door, they just froze.

    “And when it dawned on them that half the aeroplane was watching, their faces went beetroot red.

    There were at least 60 of us in stitches. Even the three cabin staff burst out laughing.”

    Full Story in the UK Sun

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