Cow in police custody linked to headless chicken case

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    And you think YOU get strange phone calls ...

    Bill Downs called to tell me that Eaton County sheriff's deputies were holding his cow as a material witness in the case of the decapitated chicken.

    "They've got it locked up in Charlotte," Downs said, sounding more relieved than alarmed.

    Eaton County Sheriff Rick Jones confirmed Monday that he had Downs' 300-pound concrete bovine lawn ornament, but preferred to call it "evidence of a theft" rather than a "material witness."

    Said Jones: "While investigating the missing chicken head, the cement cow was located in the possession of one of the suspects."

    The sheriff added: "It certainly is a strange story."

    The chicken head, as you may recall, belonged to the 13-foot-tall mascot of Joe's Gizzard City, a bar and restaurant in Potterville. Vandals decapitated the chicken over the Memorial Day weekend.

    Deputies found the smashed, charred remains of the head in a field.

    Jones told me last week that he probably would seek a charge of malicious destruction against at least one Charlotte High School student.

    The sheriff said Monday the charge has not been filed.

    Part of the scenery

    Downs' concrete cow was a familiar sight to travelers on Edgewood Boulevard near Washington Avenue. That's where Downs lives - on property that was once part of a farm.

    "I have a barn," he said, explaining why he got the statue in the first place. "I thought I should have a cow."

    After grazing peacefully on Downs' hill for about seven years, the cow disappeared about four weeks ago. Downs reported the theft to Lansing police.

    Downs said that when he read my column about the missing chicken head, he had a feeling.

    "I thought, 'If they find the chicken head, they'll probably find the cow, too,' " he said.

    Then, about two weeks ago, a Charlotte High School student knocked on Downs' door. The teenager had come to apologize for taking the cow.

    "He said he was on his way to the sheriff's office, to make a statement relating to the chicken head," Downs said.

    Downs called the sheriff's department and learned that his cow was, indeed, in protective custody, where it would remain until the chicken-head file is closed.
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    lol! thanks cass! this is just the kind of case us sleuthers at ws's need to crack, especially after the sp case! :

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