Crimes past: 40 Elephants 'girl gang' rocked London for two centuries

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    Girl gang's grip on London underworld revealed

    Girl gangs might sound like a modern British problem, but new research has revealed an all-female crime syndicate had a firm and pitiless grip on London as far back as the 18th century.

    Forgotten stashes of photographs, records and letters have revealed that although the capital was carved into different fiefdoms by various male villains, one all-female gang ruled part of the gangland underworld for almost two centuries.

    Dressed in specially tailored coats, cummerbunds, muffs, skirts, bloomers and hats sewn with hidden pockets, they mounted raids on London's West End shops, where they plundered goods worth thousands of pounds.
    They became so well known in London that panic erupted when they were seen near high-class shops. The gang's response was to branch out, expanding their enterprise to country and seaside towns.

    much more, at

    We tend, perhaps due to the speed of the internet delivering ever-faster the news into our hands, to think of crime as forever growing worse.

    Not necessarily so.
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