Croatian Zoo Opens Cages For Humans

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    Sep 16, 2005 9:00 am US/PacificAP) ZAGREB, Croatia Ever wondered how a lion feels, trapped in a zoo cage? Visitors to Zagreb's zoo can find out, with two cages there set aside for humans as of Friday.

    The cages — which visitors will be able to enter and leave at will — are labeled "Homo Sapiens" and are even partially furnished.

    But the project, launched by the head of the zoo, Mladen Anic, goes beyond offering a behind-the-bars experience to warn about human devastation of nature.
    We wanted people to get a perception of how the animal perceive the cage," Anic told The Associated Press. "But we also wanted to inform people about all the ecological problems for which humans are directly responsible."

    One cage is for "good man," and is furnished with things made of natural materials — bamboo chairs, and water and fruit displayed on a wooden table. The other, for "evil man," has materials that harm nature — plastic chairs, and garbage in the corner, with a note above the mirror reading: "The most dangerous beast on the planet."
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