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    On a personal note, I am a huge admirer of van Gogh..... overwhelmed to tears when I first saw the real Starry Starry Night. This high school art project is a hoot. :crazy:

    Doyle Geddes, who teaches humanities at Sky View High in Smithfield, wanted to create the world’s largest reproduction of a master painting. Using two tons of breakfast cereal, that dream became reality Saturday with a re-creation of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” that covered an area 72 feet by 90 feet.

    “To the best of our knowledge it is the largest re-creation of a Van Gogh work of art in any medium,” he said. The re-creation – made with blue, purple, red, green, yellow and brown breakfast cereals. Preparations in the school's gym began about a week ago. They first spread plastic sheeting on the gym floor and then made a grid that created 4-foot boxes across the area. Using that grid, he said, they drew the contours of “Starry Night.” Students caulked one-inch strips of card stock to the plastic sheeting along the drawing of the painting. Areas were labeled by color and Saturday morning, they filled in the spaces with the appropriate color of cereal.

    After the masterpiece was dismantled, the cereals were dontated to a pig farmer for feed.

    See a time-lapse video of the "painting".
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    I love Van Gogh also. What an awesome project for these teens! We never did anything like this when I was in school!

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