Identified! CT - Bridgeport, human remains, March 2010 - Michael Oravetz

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    Would have been nice to have some closure for the Smolinski family.

    Skeletal Remains ID'd As Bridgeport Man

    Police Say Cause Of Death Under Investigation

    POSTED: 9:54 am EDT March 25,2010
    UPDATED: 9:58 am EDT March 25,2010
    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- Bridgeport police said skeletal remains found near a creek were those of a career burglar from their city.

    Authorities said Wednesday that dental records confirmed the identity of 37-year-old Michael Oravetz, whose remains were discovered Saturday along Ash Creek.

    Police said they have no evidence so far of foul play, but the cause of death remains under investigation.

    Oravetz had served prison time on burglary and larceny convictions in recent years and was awaiting trial on larceny charges from a Westport arrest at the time of his death.

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