CT - "Ghostly fog"/mini-tornado (a.k.a. dust devil) haunts Hartford parking lot

Discussion in 'Weather' started by wfgodot, Nov 8, 2013.

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    Daily Mail w/pics & video:

    'Ghostly fog' caught on camera the moment it rips car mirror off police vehicle leaves officers scared and meteorologists scrambling for an answer
    • 'Some of the officers said they think the parking lot's haunted,' said Hartford Lt. Brian Foley
    • NBC Connecticut Meteorologist Brad Field concluded that the fog is not a ghost, rather it is a mini-tornado
    • The car mirror was ripped off the car and swept through the air before it fell down to the asphalt beneath the car door
    more at the link
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    Weather goes Vandal!

    Interesting...can you imagine walking back to your car and seeing the mirror on the ground. It's like 'who the h*ll ripped the mirror off my car'!

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