CT - Jennifer Dulos, 50, deceased/not found, New Canaan, 24 May 2019 *ARRESTS* #66

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A watery grave often gives up the body, even when anchored. KM is likely good for digging another grave, in the woods, at The Pond, or along the power lines where they rode motocross bikes. MT may not know the precise location but knows the general area chosen.

Fotis expected blood in the garage. There may have been gloves, sunglasses, a dark wig, zip ties, maybe a poncho or two and his firearm in the backpack. Most certainly Fotis carried a knife or two.

Ten rolls of paper towels were stolen from Jennifer's pantry.
We can't account for the bucket and cleaning supplies missing from the garage shelves.

We can't account for Fotis' vintage bike, black jeans, backpack, and ballcap.
We can't account for Jen's pants, shoes and her precious body.
We can't account for the beige defendant's flat shoes.
We can't account for the two bags of lime.

Why did Fotis anticipate acquiring the five children for the scheduled supervised visit? LA had physical custody of the children in NYC while the murder cover up transpired. GF's foresight in hiring a guard for the Fifth Ave building was critical to securing their safety.

Did the jurors hear about any of this during the trial?
Folks keep sending me PM's with song suggestions for the ever evolving Sound Track.

Thank you, as its been a welcome relief during the heavier moments of this tragic trial! Everyone processes hearing tragic events differently and for some reason music just helps sometimes imo.

Just sharing another one that I got yesterday and its a doozie.

Thought it might be a good way to kick off the week as looking at the mountain of evidence submitted by the State regarding the charges made against MT will be put into the hands of the jury in a couple of days. Prayers for the jury.

Buckle up!

Have you included “Lyin eyes”. … I dropped a heavy hint for Petu & her sunglasses on courtroom steps.
ACurry was a constant friend for Fotis since they met, then became loyal lovers but, boy! Didn't she move into 4JC swiftly? I understand she was frequently away from the residence due to her work. How did she fail to read his mood when he sent her on the oddly timed banking errand?

From the looks at IG for the ski club in Vail, they could handle MT's child's championship goals as an Olympic skier. I can picture MT's desire to be with her child training and competing in picturesque Vail or being anywhere except in a courtroom sitting at the Defendant's table about to go to prison. I think she's good for this crime.

The Jury saw through Petu's transparent testimony in that, like Michi's interviews, it was filled with long, verbal Spanish hesitancies.
1) Petu was being petulant when she said she didn't trust the police.
2) Petu was being petulant when she didn't come forward with her exculpating evidence for 4.5 years because she wanted to give the announcement to everybody [in court].

I'm befuddled. What did Petu say that was exculpating Michi of all of her felonious charges? I trust the evidence Retired CPS Detective John Kimball's presented over her sharp, accusatory, almost hostile, statements.

Petu said nothing which was supposed to be “the thing” which would “prove Michi’s innocence”-she just patted whatever it was that she carried in, as if she had the smoking gun in there, and was ready to produce it, if only someone would ask her to. So-why didn’t the defense ask her for it? Hm? Why? I will tell you why-because there isn’t anything that does that. If there was anything in that satchel, it was-you guessed it-a copy of the discredited and sealed psych report, created and conformed to fD’s specifications. Now, at what point did MT start thinking that this psych report was going to be her saving grace? At the point when it was created. Because that report was part of their plot. It’s possible that it was created solely to gain custody of the Dulos children, but that really wasn’t any guarantee. I think fD always thought this would be something they could use as an extenuating factor in some kind of crazy “Gone Girl” scenario, OR a “self defense” defense, in the “unlikely” case that he got arrested for murder. I don’t think he expected this to blow back on MT and KM-but the police were too smart for him.
Have you included “Lyin eyes”. … I dropped a heavy hint for Petu & her sunglasses on courtroom steps.
Good one @Baby baby Jane !

Perfect actually - title track contender - Classic rock seems to be winning the day but I've gotten some great rap, country and hip hop tunes too.

Here you go! Such a great tune!

Classic Remastered:

Vince Gill Cover Live:

L&C chat seems to be 'fired up this am":

"! feel like if I were in the gallery I would have stood up and said “ objection your honor I object to Blowhorns objections“
"Free McGuinness"
"There is so much that stand out- alibi script, car wash, chimney smoke, inconsistent stories and lies"
"State did a good job proving she was in bed with Fotis when he was texting Andreas on the burner phone at midnight. She went to her daughter at 12:59am."
"MT will be guilty of something...no walking here other than light sentence"
"The alibi phone call and chimney smoke for me; conspiracy."
"hope she enjoyed last weekend of freedom"
"Opening the door to shield him while disposing of plates, being happy the night before and day after, not attending school performance w/her daughter to ride around and discard bags, lies lies lies"
"MT was involved in too much for it to be a coincidence"
"Absolutely Guilty on all counts.There is enough evidence.There is no way she didn’t know, and she did participate".
"Dont feel bad for Michelle Triconis. She made CHOICES. Her FIRST CHOICE was to think about her own DAUGHTER instead about FOTIS."
"Gonna miss ths Judge saying... "Overruled" in that deep voice"
"Friday she did not need an interpreter after the judge spoke to her. She waited then answered in spanish but that translator never translated what the judge said to spanish for her first"
"And she said she was clueless about the bags, but she clearly saw the FedEx envelope drop in the sewer. Right.
"Michie going to do a nickel mopping floors"
"State should have asked hair dresser if MT mentioned her boyfriends wife went missing".
"Did she pretend she didn't know what the judge was asking about her not taking the stand? She waited for it to be translated for her then answered in Spanish? Right there that's a deception".
"100%Guilty, she answered his phone as a cover and the fires was enough for me, blazon in between trips Guilty"
"I love that bit in the interview when she says “but I didn’t doooo it”

My fav:

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