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    (RECENT NEWS 12/27/2003>?)
    DNA evidence found in Ramsey murder case
    ATLANTA, Dec. 27, 2003 (UPI) -- Fresh evidence in the Jon Benet Ramsey case could lead to a suspect seven years after the young beauty queen's slaying at her parents' Boulder, Colo. home.
    DNA found in a blood stain on the 6-year-old's underwear has been turned over to the FBI to try and match, CNN reported Saturday.
    "The DNA was never pursued by the Boulder PD in terms of tying to get it into any state or national databank," Atlanta attorney L. Lyn Wood told CNN.
    Earlier tests showed the sample was from a male who was unrelated to the Ramseys, Wood said.
    Wood said Boulder police did not pursue the lead and instead focused on the Ramsey family as suspects.
    "They actually spent money and time trying to come up with an innocent explanation for the presence of that DNA," he said. "Any objective investigation into this child's murder would have focused on DNA."
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    Re: Are there ways our DNA can be changed or altered?
    Date: Sat Apr 29 01:35:38 2000 Posted By: Jeff Buzby, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Molecular Immunology Area of science: Genetics

    Message: Dear MaryBeth, The only way that DNA can be permanently "changed" is through mutation. Of the agents you listed, smoking can definitely cause mutational changes. This is the basis for smoking causing cancer. While drugs, alcohol, & intense emotional states can all be detrimental to the body, these effects are not generally mediated by a change in DNA sequence, i.e. mutations. However, I think that some drugs, particularly those whose production & distribution are not regulated, including alcohol, could potentially cause DNA damage, especially if abused/over- used. But there are many other environmental agents, such as certain solvents, UV rays in sunlight, radiation sources, & chemical contaminants of drinking water, that can cause DNA changes/mutations, too. In short, DNA can definitely be changed by outside stimuli, but not likely by music or long-term emotions. Furthermore, the chance of such a change being beneficial, as opposed to damaging, is extremely slim. Consequently, the claim that "listening to their new cd would change listeners DNA" is basically equivalent to claiming that their music causes cancer - yikes...

    ...this one (URL below) reminds me of "these boots were made of walking and that's just what they will do..." anyone remember that SONG?
    High Tech: DNA By Ben Krasnow - Staff WriterFriday, January 16, 2004
    Jeff Howell / Daily Nexus
    UCSB graduate student Brian Baker a DNA testing apparatus being developed by a joint collaboration on campus. The new technology has amazing medical implications.
    • Eugenics Revisited
    • Tonga: Unplugged
    Imagine a handheld device that could identify a person infected with HIV in seconds with a drop of their blood. As great as this would be, it is just the tip of the iceberg of options made possible by new technology pioneered at UCSB.
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    ... News-2.htm

    But I guess, most of all, I wonder if McReynolds' ashes were scattered upon the mountain, after being mixed with the vial of glitter that JonBenet gave him, and that seemed so very important to him.

    I don't wonder about the heart attack he had. It was predicted long ago .... on the hand of a child.

    On the first page of Ramsey News I stated that I felt an urgency to get this information posted .... not knowing who would read it, or why I felt this urgency. I'm beginning to understand why.

    This may be "out of line" ...well, probably not for me!! ... but I have a spiritual message for John Ramsey.

    I saw a story on tv the other day about a company in North Carolina called SAS. I don't recall the owners name, but it is owned and operated by one man ... one very fair and honest man. There is no board of directors, no stocks, no bs to contend with and the company provides all kinds of benefits for the employees as well as day care, many social activities, etc.

    "You find it ..... you go John ..... there is a place there waiting for you."

    And to attorney Lin Wood, I'd like to say "Thank You." Not because I am involved in the Ramsey case in any way that is important, but because you stood by their sides when the rest of the world walked away. I know how it feels to be abandoned by collegues and friends, and to be called names that have never fit, but be unable to do anything about it.

    Isn't it strange that Patsy is from "Wood" County West Virginia .... and the attorney that would ultimately lead her through a nightmare is named "Wood?"

    Yeah, it's strange .... but right up my alley .... and there is something else "up my alley, and up Lin Woods' alley, if and when he's ready .... for details see...

    The Hootin' Honey


    for remainder of URL above (go there)!

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