Dad says streaking son was "just showing off"

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    Scouting report for Andrew Getzey II, the 26-year-old Royersford man who was arrested Monday night after allegedly running naked onto the field at Citizens Bank Park:

    Bad bat, no speed.

    Alas, that's not the worst of his problems.

    Getzey also faces a half-dozen misdemeanor charges after getting chased down with his Louisville Slugger exposed, police said.

    Among the most serious: corruption of minors.

    The streaking enlivened an otherwise dull stretch during the Phillies' game against the Cincinnati Reds, when rain sent the teams to their dugouts for nearly four hours.

    First, a pair of mostly clothed fans splashed onto the field. Though they briefly eluded captors, they were eventually corraled.

    Then, the streaker - apparently the first at the Phils' new ballpark - danced toward the diamond, wearing what appeared to be a Ronald Reagan mask.

    He was summarily headlocked and escorted from the natural grass turf.

    As of last night, he was still in jail, according to his parents, Sherry and Andrew Gretzey Sr., who were none too pleased by their son's behavior.

    "He found his way into this, he can find his way out," his father said, adding that his son was "just showing off."

    The Phillies routinely warn that fans who run onto the field will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and this time they weren't kidding.

    Police reasoned that because children were among the 44,710 fans in attendance, Getzey had wrongly subjected tender eyes to undue turpitude.

    He also faces charges of indecent exposure, defiant trespass, disorderly conduct, open lewdness and inciting a riot.
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