Dairy Queen manager is arrested after 'bullying worker, 17, until he killed himself':

Discussion in 'Bullies and Stalkers' started by HMSHood, Feb 4, 2017.

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    Harley Branham should be prison. It is in the same state where Megan Meier committed suicide after being harassed by Lori Drew and Ashley Grills.
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    Victim blaming is what your all about? Blame rape victims and victims of child molestation as well for "letting it happen".

    I was severely bullied in school. Could I have done better or handled things differently looking back in hindsight now. Sure I guess. But hindsight is always 20/20 as they say.

    I was raised in a very verbally abusive home and got no support from my parents as well and suffered from a undiagnosed mental health issue at the time. So I had a lot of things working against me.

    So before blaming the victim you need to realize their is usually a lot more going on in the persons life that makes it extremely difficult to stand up and fight back
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    That stuff stays with you. My husband was telling me yesterday that he was recently added to a Facebook group for his graduating class from elementary/middle school and everyone is posting on there reminiscing about the "good times." He's resisting the urge to post "Hey, remember when you guys used to walk up to me, punch me in the stomach, and say 'Go back to your country, you [expletive] [ethnic slur]?'" My guess is most of them probably haven't even bothered to remember. That happened over 25 years ago and he still has self-esteem issues because of it. It infuriates me so much to think about it.
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    Late to the party, but, nope.

    Traits and Characteristics of Workplace Bullies and Their Targets

    Bullies select targets carefully, generally selecting victims who for a variety of reasons will suffer quietly while expecting someone higher up to step in to right the situation.

    As other posters have stated, many people bullied at work must have the job & income. Not everyone is in a financial position to walk away from a job.

    Bullying Basics

    (Been there, done that. Survived & yes in a much, much better place!)

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    Thank you for posting that. I can't believe that woman terrorized him to the point of suicide and basically walked away. It really says a lot about our society.
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