Dallas is full of crap

Discussion in 'Bizarre and Off-Beat News' started by Casshew, Apr 3, 2004.

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    Temperatures have hit the 80-degree mark, which means that Dallas has become a giant, squalid stink fest. Wafting high above the jasmine and hyacinths, above the odoriferous co-workers with deodorant breakthrough and the urine-baked buildings downtown is the Godzilla of offensive smells: dog waste.
    Highland Park matrons with their shih tzus, boys in the 'hood with their rotties and pit bulls, suburban dinks with their bubble-blond retrievers--they're turning Dallas into the stink capital of the world, second only to Paris for the number of dog droppings left behind.

    "It's a beautiful day out there, and the dogs are stinking it up," says Animal Services manager Kent Robertson. "Everywhere you go you see poop. It's a big problem."

    Those of you laughing haven't stepped in the stuff, which is made to outlast man and possibly time itself. When nuclear war strikes, the cockroaches will be feeding on dog droppings. The waste is replete with dead bacteria and proteins, which means it's full of sulfides and nitrogen compounds (think: rotten egg). When a dog strikes that familiar hunched pose, marking his territory, he excretes a heady blend of dead fish and hot ass, making it known to all--human or animal--who owns that piece of sidewalk.

    Despite the city's adoption of an ordinance requiring owners to pick up after their pets, or risk fines--$25 for the first offense, $50 for the second and $100 for the third and subsequent infractions--the so-called "pooper scooper law" is an utter failure. It's even been, er, pooh-poohed by many, including Mayor Laura Miller, as being unenforceable. The city has issued zero penalties to offenders this year, which is in keeping with last year's numbers. Zip.

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    Makes me kinda of appreciate cats.

    Why do dog owners just ignore when their dog poops somewhere they're not supposed to?

    I see people walking their dogs along a nice street here lined with pretty houses and pretty yards and their dogs will just pull of the sidewalk and take a dump in someone's front yard In broad daylight!!!!! and then owner and dog just go on their merry way! :sick:

    It's so rude. And I love dogs...but just be responsible people.

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