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    We all know and love Dan Abrams from the beginning of Court TV. GREAT NEWS! Dan is bringing what we loved about Court TV to the Internet.

    Dan's new site www.lawnewz.com is the Internet's answer to CourtTV.

    Dan explains what we can expect from the bigger picture of his Law Newz Network.

    Streaming live trials, revisiting the most exciting trials streamed live in the past but best of all our great friend Cathy Russon from Courtchatter.com is now

    a part of www.lawnewz.com

    You will end up loving Dan and Cathy even more after you listen to their plans and what it all means for you, the true crime/CourtTV lover. Click here to listen

    Big news today Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 Antolin Garcia-Torres guilty of first-degree murder in the kidnapping and death of Sierra Lamar. On the next Websleuths Radio we' will revisit the case and find out how Sierra LaMar's family is doing after the verdict.

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