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    Dr. Vincent DiMaio chief medical examiner for Bexar County:

    Q. Okay. Do the bruises on June the 10th
    20 of 1996 demonstrate bruising?
    21 A. Yes. I mean, if you look at her arms
    22 on the 10th, you can see there is just massive soft
    23 tissue hemorrhage.
    24 This is her right arm. And what it is
    25 going from the wrist right up to past the elbow and into
    Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter

    1 the upper arm, so it's going, just sweeping, all the way
    2 here on what you would call the plexor surface of the
    3 arm, not on the back. And this is extensive hemorrhage.
    4 And it appears to be a few days old, because it's
    5 turning, it's a good purple color, and it's indicative of
    6 severe, blunt trauma.

    7 This, you know, everyone bumps into
    8 something, an edge or something and gets a little bruise,
    9 but just think about, if you have gotten one little
    10 bruise, how much force must have been generated, must
    11 have been put against this arm to cause the whole arm
    12 from the wrist past the elbow, to be bruised.
    13 So that is a lot of force. And so
    14 there is evidence of really severe injury, and there is
    15 like a little, a few little, what appears to be scrapes
    16 here, indicating that there was an impact with something.
    17 So, you're talking again of severe
    18 force. The left arm -- again, this is the right -- the
    19 left arm is not too bad. You can see it's going upward
    20 to maybe a third to half a way up the forearm on this
    21 surface.
    22 Q. Doctor, you have noted, that no doubt,
    23 that there is evidence in the photograph you have in your
    24 left hand or just put down there on it, of a line, an
    25 arterial line in her left wrist?
    Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter

    1 A. Yes, sir.
    2 Q. And also, an IV in her, I guess, what
    3 is that, the inside of the left elbow?
    4 A. Yes, sir. Right. Yes.
    5 Q. That's what I call it.
    6 A. All right. That is good enough.
    7 Q. All right. At least --
    8 A. At the cubital fossa, let's use the
    9 crease.
    10 Q. Is that bruising, in your judgment and
    11 experience, is that a result of medical intervention?
    12 A. No. The bruising here -- I mean, I --
    13 at one time I actually treated live people. I started
    14 IV's. That was the day before we had disposable needles,
    15 and those needles were dull.
    16 I can tell you, I perforated vessels
    17 and there was blood, and you did not get this massive
    18 hemorrhage into the arms.
    19 And I have had IV's started on me,
    20 where they have poked through, and you don't get it.
    21 This is blunt force injury, and it's deep, it's deep down
    22 into the muscle. And so, it was deep down and then
    23 gradually the blood percolates up to the surface
    24 underneath the skin.

    Q. Doctor, directing your attention to
    Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter

    1 the right arm, the photographs that depict the right arm?
    2 A. Yes, sir.
    3 Q. And, you will notice two stab wounds
    4 in the right forearm?
    5 A. Yes, sir.
    6 Q. One of some two inches in length and
    7 the other, of approximately a half inch in length?
    8 A. Yes, sir.
    9 Q. Do you have an opinion with respect to
    10 whether or not the bruising associated with the right arm
    11 was caused by those two stab wounds?
    12 A. No. Stab wounds in those locations
    13 would not produce that massive bleeding into the arm.
    14 And in fact, if you even use a
    15 little -- if you think about it, look at where they are.
    16 They are on the back, and on the back, there is not much
    17 bleeding. Where is all of the bleeding? Let's see,
    18 excuse me.
    19 There's so many, I have got to juggle
    20 these things. It's on the other side. So, these stab
    21 wounds have nothing to do with the bleeding in the arm.
    22 Q. All right. Doctor, what sort of
    23 instrument caused those injuries?
    24 A. The two penetrating wounds in the --
    25 Q. No. No. That caused the bruising?
    Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter

    1 A. It would have to be something blunt.
    2 By blunt, I mean it doesn't have sharp -- it's not a
    3 knife, it's not something with very sharp margins.
    4 It could be blows from a fist, because
    5 your fist is considered a blunt object. It could be
    6 blows from a hard object, people always like baseball
    7 bats, things like that.
    8 It could be anything that is heavy,
    9 that doesn't have any cutting edges and that can be, that
    10 could impact hard against the arm, so to cause all this
    11 bleeding in this area.
    12 Q. Are those injuries consistent and
    13 compatible with Darlie Routier having been severely
    14 beaten with a blunt, heavy instrument?
    15 A. Yes. That is what they are. These
    16 are blunt force injuries. Impacting something very hard
    17 that produced extensive bleeding into her muscle.

    18 Q. Are those injuries consistent and
    19 compatible, those shown in the photographs of June the
    20 10th, of 1996, are those consistent and compatible, the
    21 bruises evidenced in those photographs, with having been
    22 received by Darlie Routier during the early morning hours
    23 of June the 6th of 1996, some four days or so earlier?
    24 A. Yes, sir. The coloration is
    25 appropriate, and it is consistent with it.

    Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter

    1 Q. Okay. Dr. DiMaio, are those injuries
    2 consistent or inconsistent with having been
    3 self-inflicted, the bruising?
    4 A. That is -- I would say it's
    5 inconsistent. I mean, how do you get blunt force
    6 injuries here? I mean, it's easy to get blunt force
    7 injuries here, if you want, you know, I can bang my arm
    8 against the edge here. But to here? And, also, again,
    9 it's very wide spread.
    10 I mean this, this, a lot of force.
    11 You -- everybody has bumped into something and you get a
    12 bruise, but look at this. It's just really severe
    13 hemorrhage up and down the arm. This is tremendous
    14 force.

    That's what I could put my hands on really quick. I think I have more but will have to look for them.
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    Thanks for posting. I'm surprised Darlie didn't concoct a story to match the bruises. They just don't match any of her stories.
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    This bruise on my arm is couple of hours old now.

    It's from being in deeper waters and having to pull my own body weight up, to get back into the boat. [​IMG]

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    Watched the show the other night abt Darlie again. ID channel prob.
    And I saw those awful bruises all over her arm.

    It looks like she put up quite a struggle with someone. The boys?
    And silly me, I'm thinking Darryl? what's her husband's name?? ...planted that sock down the alley.

    ladygator, if that is your result from the same day--wow.
    Do we know when those bruises on her arm were supposed to have appeared?
    It looked like the bruises ran the whole length of her arm.
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    If I recall correctly, the bruises on DR's arms did not appear during the few days she was in the hospital. I am forgetting exactly how many days she was in there (I'm thinking it was 3 or 4). The bruises only appeared after she went home, though exactly what day I don't know. I bet someone who follows this case will remember all of those details.
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    I've always believed that Darlie did something to herself to cause the bruises after the murders. When it was becoming very clear to her that her story of an intruder was not being believed by LE.

    Nobody who treated Darlie at the hospital seen them because they were not there. They testified to it. Those photos were taken, IIRC, 4 days after the murders.

    My arm hurt like heck just as soon as I flopped myself into the boat. It started turning blue instantly. And by the time we got back to port an hour or so later it was fully black and blue. Along with the smaller bruises on the other side to my underarm area and my leg. (((DUMB DUMB DUMB situation)))

    But whenever I get a substantial bruise myself, I always look at it and think of Darlie.
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    Ok, so she should of had those bruises visible alot sooner,,,possibly.

    They were so awful, I can' t imagine what she did to earn them.
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    No, not the boys. The bruises are very suspicious not just because of their color consistency but their enormity.
    Devon clearly died very soon after being stabbed where he lay. There was no chance to fight back.
    It's highly doubtful Damon did any fighting back. I think the evidence shows he was stabbed, may have struggled a bit but then probably passed out. Darlie then left to do whatever she had to do while Damon sat up - there is a pool/line of blood that supports this - and then crawled from the initial stab site by the couch. Darlie didn't see him move because she wasn't there. Damon wasn't fighting back..he was trying to get away.

    Two further practical points on this:
    First, if she were stabbing the boys in the normal way she would straddle them, which means their feet would be immobilized. That leaves their hands and arms to fight her and they were not nicked or slashed. But even if the legs were free, there still were no defensive wounds.
    Second, Darlie's bruises were from armpit to fingers in a solid bruising pattern. How in the world would that happen? She was hit in her armpit but never popped in the mouth or punched in the eye? Even a good whack on the chin could possibly knock her out but the attacker only concentrated on her arms from armpit to fingers?! No.
    Even if you subscribe to the pro Darlie argument that someone sat on her and held her down with their legs you're still talking about the full length of an arm being bruised by only part of a leg - basically knee to ankle at most, most likely an inch shorter at each ends. The leg would typically be half the length of her arms. Again, no.

    Some of the bruises were visible in the hospital..some were not.
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    I also have another scenario, if they did fight that night, and she did ask for a divorce, maybe it was him that did the attacking, if she and the boys are hurt then she can’t leave because they will need his help. I think that is why he still had on his jeans. Just my thoughts on another way it could have went down.
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    Those photos of her bruises taken at police station are a giant solid brick of a bruise. I think that she beat the hell out of her inner arm against a brick wall as soon as she got out of the hospital or maybe while she was still in the hospital.

    As for that author who claimed that the bruises were never shown at trial, I personally suspect that she had ghost writers in the courtroom helping her write that book. And that's why she didn' remember the bruises that were written about in her book. She wasn't paying attention but a ghost writer was.

    And as for her neck wound being cut with her left hand, just because a person writes with the right hand doesn't mean their left hand can't do anything. Lots of people have a little bit of cross dominance in their handedness.
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